How Do I Take Dimensions For My Oakville Windows And Doors?

Oakville windows and doors are typically subjected to a lot of weather abuse over a long period, and that affects their durability and appearance. For instance, wood needs to be painted and re-glazed every two or three years, which costs money and time. Although painted aluminium can chip, they don’t need a lot of maintenance as wood. However, aluminium doesn’t offer excellent thermal performance. They conduct heat, and this affects the conditions in your building. During the winters, they transfer cold the same way they conduct heat. This normally leads to condensation related issues. However, window manufacturers nowadays are incorporating “thermal breaks” in aluminium windows to address the problem of heat and cold transference and enhance energy efficiency.

Vinyl units are a go-for option for homeowners because the material itself is a thermal break, and as such, it reduces heat and cold transference in your building. Vinyl doors and windows look beautiful and offer great energy efficiency and don’t need a lot of maintenance like their counterparts. It also doesn’t require repainting or re-staining since it comes with the colour embedded in its material. However, before ordering your windows in Oakville, the first thing you should do is to take dimensions to know the right measurement for your new windows.

1. Measuring for the Replacements.

Carrying out window replacement Oakville is a simple exercise. Just swap the new Oakville windows and doors in the old opening. This is what is technically called a retrofit installation. In this method, the installer keeps the jamb of the window and its trim. Depending on the style window units you want to install, you may need the existing interior trim to make sure you are taking the right dimensions of the opening.

However, if the windows you buy have specific measuring instructions from the manufacturer, you have to adhere to those guidelines.

When taking measurements for the width, put your tape measure on the frame and take measurements all the way to opposite jamb. In case you are measuring double-hung units, you will have to get rid of the parting bead separating the sashes after placing the new units.

2. Measuring the Height.

To obtain dimensions for the height, you need to put your tape on the very upper part of the sill. Be careful not to confuse the sill with the stool of the window as these are two different things. For the breadth, you need to take dimensions in three areas- centre, left, and the right of the window. After taking these dimensions, use the smallest length to determine the final length.

3. Replacing Steel Windows in Brick Homes.

Metal Oakville windows and doors are usually reinforced with flange inside the brick wall. To obtain the width of the window units, adhere to the procedure of measuring the width but place your tape from brick to brick. To know the length, place your tape at the bottom to the lintel.

4. Determine The Window Style.

If you are hoping to accomplish a successful window replacement Oakville project for your building, it is essential to know the kind of window designs you wish to use. You want to be specific on how you want your units to operate and to look. When people talk about window styles, they basically mean how these units operate. Here are some styles you may need to consider;

  • Double-hung windows- in this window style, the two sashes open independently. As such, you can open the top sash and leave the bottom one closed. This is an excellent window style, especially if you have pets or young children since you can leave them in a well-ventilated room, yet protecting them from falling. It is a great window replacement Oakville style for energy efficiency, as well.
  • Single-hung windows- these come with two sashes, but it is only one that can be opened. The other remains closed.
  • Casement- in this window style, the sash is attached on the sides and open on right or left. You can open it at ninety degrees and as such, it provides excellent ventilation. It is a good option for older people who may find it to open the windows by pulling and pushing.
  • Picture windows- a great window replacement Oakville style for the homeowners who want to enjoy a magnificent view of the outside.

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