How Comments Can Be Used To Boost Your Social Media Presence

Comments are a common feature on social media and anyone can get them at any time. Comments are useful from an interaction point of view. This is because they frequently end up encouraging even more interaction, whether it is by means of likes given by social media users who appreciate the message included in the comment or through further comments from people who have something to say in response. If you are a business which is making the most of social media to engage with its customers and promote your products and services then, sooner or later, you will have to deal with comments. With this being the case, it is worth your while knowing what they are about and how to deal with them.

Why are comments important?

Comments are important because they give social media users a chance to interact directly and publicly with each other in a relaxed setting. In most cases, this is just a matter of friendly banter, the usual back-and-forth that happens between friends on social media. However, in the case of businesses, comments can form a crucial part in building a relationship with customers and impressing the ethos of the company on potential customers and social media users as a whole. Because of this, it is essential to know how to deal with people who post comments on your social media pages. What you need to do is maintain a friendly yet professional approach. The benefits of comments is that they are available for all the world to see so you can show the world exactly what you are saying to customers. At the same time, because of these very same reasons, you also need to be careful about what you are saying.

Comments impact on interaction

Comments can be useful in many ways. From a social media presence perspective, the more comments you get, the better as this helps you get more exposure throughout the world of social media. Once you have seen the benefits that can be had if you get relevant comments on Instagram, you will surely want to know how you can have more of them come your way. There are plenty of ways which you can go about getting them and we are going to give you an idea of how a few of them work. These strategies are merely recommendations as they cannot be guaranteed to succeed in getting the comments you desire. However, it is possible that they will draw more attention to the comments section of your content and it should encourage more social media users to add comments to your content.


This is something of a simple approach but it is one that can prove to be very effective. The idea is far from complicated: you simply post on your account, saying that you are running a competition and that the only way to enter is by posting a comment underneath before a certain date and the winner will be chosen from those people who add a comment. There is nothing more to it. This can prove to be immediately successful as anyone who sees it and is interested in the prize will automatically put their name down for it. This strategy is bound to get you a large amount of comments in quick succession. However, there are two downsides to this one. Firstly, all the comments will be added to the same post so it will mean that you have a large amount of comments but just for one post and only as long as you are running the competition. As soon as the competition is over, the need to post comments is gone. Secondly, you can only run a competition so often. Sure, there’s nothing stopping you doing it but you can’t afford to be giving prizes away on a regular basis. Too many competitions will also cause a certain degree of apathy.

Ask a question

You will need to have something of an established base of followers for this one to work best but it is worth giving it a go anyway. What you do is you ask a question and request that the responses come in the form of comments. The question could be about anything. It could be to do with your products or services, such as what people like about them or any recommendations they might have in order to improve them. The questions could also be about ongoing news stories or something as simple as “What’s your favourite song?”. There are no bad ideas as long as they get people posting comments. Similar to the previous one, you can use the answers for a competition with the best answer winning the prize. This approach is also likely to garner even more interaction as people will inevitably comment on other users’ answers.

Guaranteed comments

The above are suggestions about ways to encourage comments from other social media users but there is no guarantee that you will get them by following these approaches. On the other hand, there is one other method which does guarantee that you will get comments. This method involves visiting any of the countless websites around which offer social media features for sale. Once there, you can purchase the number of comments you like and have them added to your account by real social media users. You can also isntruct them to some extent regarding the content of the comments themselves. This is the only way you can be sure to get comments for your profile but it does involve investing money.

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