How Clay Masks Can Improve Your Complexion

Clay is a material that has been around for centuries, and its use varies from pottery, construction work, spa treatments, and beauty routines. Since clay is a natural product produced from Earth’s decomposed rocks, its origins date back to the Late Paleolithic period. Clay was utilized during ancient times for an array of beauty and medicinal functions such as cosmetics, external and internal ointments, and skincare. With that knowledge, it’s no surprise that we still see many beauty gurus raving about the benefits of clay masks! To be fair, there are quite a few ways a clay mask can improve your complexion.

How Do Clay Masks Work?

Clay masks are typically sold in twist off containers that contain the smooth, body-butter like product and are applied to the face using a soft mask brush applicator. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to thoroughly cleanse your face prior to applying the mask. Once washed, use the applicator brush to dip into the product and apply it to your skin – this is where the excitement begins! You will feel the cool clay mask and soft brush painting on top of your skin, this is such a refreshing feeling already, and the process has just started! The clay mask will work by stimulating blood flow and unclogging your pores. Clay masks are typically safe for all skin types.

3 Skin Benefits of Using Clay Masks

#1: Detoxify and Clean Pores

Clay masks are known for their quick-acting properties in cleaning out clogged pores as well as minimizing their appearance. Along with unclogging pores, the clay acts as a detoxifying agent to remove dead skin and releases negative ionic charges to reverse the effects of environmental pollution hidden in your pores. Once you’ve applied the mask, you may notice dark patches forming while the mask hardens; this is an indication of the contaminants in your pores.

#2: Cleanse Skin & Improve Complexion

Due to its natural properties, clay is an ideal and gentle cleanser. One of the benefits of using clay masks is that it’s not a man-made product filled with chemicals and harmful ingredients that end up roughing up your skin. Clay is able to precisely remove all the gunk that builds upon our face and maintain and revitalize your skin’s natural balance. Clay stimulates salubrious circulation responsible for that luminous glow we all yearn for. Additionally, clay fortifies lymphatic drainage, which reduces the appearance of facial puffiness.

#3: Manage Oily Skin & Combat Acne

Clay is a porous material, making it the perfect cleanser to absorb excess oil and reveal healthy pores. Since oil dramatically contributes to breakouts, it is vital to your skin’s health to thoroughly clean out pores and eliminate any excess oil secretions. Our skin is subject to hormonal changes, stress, environment, health complications – with all these factors contributing to causing our acne. It is best to use a cleanser that will remain gentle and effective. Rather than using harsh chemically made acne ointments that often break the bank and leave your skin dry, cracking, and begging for hydration – consider a clay mask. All the benefits, less of the worries!

Make the Switch!

If you’ve known anyone who’s tried a clay face mask, you’ve probably heard them raving about the product and noticed a change in their complexion. Now that we know all the advantages of using clay masks, are you even surprised at all? I didn’t think so! If you are still hesitant about how well clay masks work, give it a try at least once. Even after one use, many people are pleasantly surprised and delighted with the results, seeing the benefits in work almost immediately. Clay masks could just become a part of your beauty routine!


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