How Cannabis Influenced The Hip-Hop Culture

Cannabis has a major influence on the hip-hop culture, and it is now best consumed using vapes like Yocan Vaporizer. The fact is rap songs are penetrated by cannabis as evident on the tones and lyrics such as Ice Cube’s “Smoke Some Weed”,Afroman’s “Because I Got High”, and Wiz Khalifa’s “Reefer Party”. Not to mention, Doctor Dre named one of his most-sought albums “The Chronic”, a marijuana strain, and Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg focused in building their image around cannabis usage. Vapes are the most preferred method of cannabis consumption by rappers like Yocan Vape for sale online. Drake even flew Austin Lawrence to his mansion in Los Angeles just to teach him how to perform vape tricks.

Effects of Weed on Rap Performance

Cannabis is known to improve creative thoughts and skills, and a rapper can greatly benefit from it. Trainwreck, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream, Amnesia Haze, and Durban Poison are some examples of marijuana strains in enhancing creativity. Sour Diesel has a pungent aroma and has become one of the most favorite cannabis strains of celebrities and even featured in songs. Blue Dream has a lemon and tangy aroma, providing uplifting high as well as a relaxing high that aids in pain relief. Amnesia Haze is a classic cannabis strain famous in Dutch coffee shops that can help wash away worries and gives you a creative spirit. Durban Poison has a very unique taste, and it has an 8 to 9% THC content which is subtle enough to help rappers complete their long projects.

Rapping involves writing and recording. Consistency is crucial in a writing task, most especially for rap songs. It would require a lot of energy and brain power to handle all ideas and come up with the best results. That’s why you probably have heard of rappers’ stories and even watched videos of them using cannabis through weed vaporizers and vapes while practicing or performing to enhance their creativity. When it comes to rap recording, cannabis can give rappers the ability to completely synchronize with the emotions and speed of the rap beat. Rappers are able to direct all their focus on the delivery of lyrics. If you dream of becoming a rapper or has been rapping as a habit, marijuana can help you feel the emotion clearly, thus allowing you to match the emotion to every beat and word effectively. Whenever you’re recording at home or in a studio, you totally let go of yourself and don’t think what others say about your song or performance because you are more focused pouring the emotions and doing an excellent performance.

As rappers know very well, putting too much excitement is not good when creating lyrics. When you’re high, you can loosen recording at a certain fraction to unleash your best performance. You will notice the slightest mistake or those you have missed with a clear head. You’ll be able to add more emotions to the lyrics and experiment with confidence to make a difference.

Social Perception on Weed and Rappers

Despite the modern age, we have today, there are still many people who judge rappers or artists taking cannabis, regarding them as a negative or bad influence, most especially to teenagers who love rap and the hip-hop culture. While cannabis is gradually being decriminalized and legalized in different parts of the world, social stigma is still present when it comes to weed consumption. Celebrities have a reputation to protect and don’t want to incriminate themselves, so instead of smoking a joint, many consume marijuana in a more advanced and discreet way through vape pens and vaporizers.

There are a lot of vape products sold online such as Yocan vaporizer. Vapes look cool and greatly matches the hip-hop culture. Rappers can integrate weed vaping to their video clips, new songs, and even career moves. Using vapes reduce social stigma because vape products are advertised positively and health-focused. For instance, vape pens and vaporizers are marketed as a good tool to help people quit smoking, or even help medical cannabis users consume weed clean and stealthily. Instead of dismay and fear brought about by smoking weed, rappers are now perceived as cool artists who love vaping! There’s no doubt why the vape industry love rappers to endorse their products.

Cannabis Advocates in the Hip-Hop Culture

Unlike in the past when cannabis was totally perceived as an illegal drug and totally a nuisance to the public, this amazing herb is gradually gaining acceptance, and more and more celebrities including rappers are becoming cannabis advocates.

1. Ab-Soul

He is known for his rap songs with politically-charged lyrics. Ab-Soul began smoking cannabis after high school and he has been a cannabis advocate ever since. He sheds light on weed laws, and even honored Huey P. Newton, a political activist on his video of his single “Huey Knows”. The video shows the images of various controversies involving weed like police brutality, Colin Kaepernick, and Donald Trump.

2. Chance The Rapper

He is a proud pothead. He is outspoken about cannabis as evident in his lyrics, social media, and interviews. In fact, he was even suspended from high school because of smoking weed. He firmly believes that cannabis consumption should be legalized. He has been fighting bigger battles like violence in Chicago. He provides the homeless people with clothes through his anti-violence initiatives. He is a young activist who is never shy of expressing his thoughts and emotions regarding the different forms of violence he sees in the city.

3. Killer Mike

He has been on Real Time with Fox, CNN, and Bill Maher. He has always been vocal about his ideas and perspective on drug policy reform, reform on the justice system, and racial discrimination.  He has been a cannabis advocate for a long time.

4. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the loudest cannabis advocates. He has intensely criticized the NFL because of not permitting players to smoke cannabis. He is not only active about legalizing cannabis, Snoop Dogg is also a rap activist, leading a rally in Los Angeles, called “The Game” that aims to reduce tensions between the police and gangs.

Weed has real positive impacts on creativity. It helps rappers increase the flow of ideas when they are high, adding new, intricate and complex rhyme schemes. Cannabis gives rappers the ability to focus and think more, creating better punchlines faster. Writing under the influence of marijuana can give artists the ability to see things from a different perspective, leading to more creative thoughts and ideas. Vapes, like Yocan vaporizer truly helped change the negative social perception about cannabis, among rappers, and in the hip-hop culture as a whole.

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