How Can You Assist a Loved One to Recover from Addiction?

Every one of us wants our family members to be in shape and we can sacrifice all that we have to see them shun from any kind of addiction they are in. However, sometimes we go an extra mile of even helping them continue with their addiction especially when we pity them in their deep cravings. It may start with sending them money for upkeep not knowing they are using it to purchase drugs.

Red Flags that There Might Be Something Wrong

Parents, children, and siblings alike have the responsibility of helping and supporting their loved from overcoming the trenches of alcohol and drug abuse. Most of the parents who are sinking in the mud of addiction start slacking off on their duties and responsibilities in their homes and workplace.

Neglecting duties, children, and becoming careless is one of the red flags that a mother or father are being overtaken by drugs. According to the American Humane Association report, almost 70% of child maltreatment and abuse cases usually rotate around substance abuse. That should tell you that it can become worse if you don’t take a bold step and visit addiction treatment centers in New Jersey to look for help. We’ve also heard that there are great drug rehab programs in Bellevue, Washington.

You may also notice incarceration in the life of the victim, interpersonal and relationship troubles, financial issues, becoming bullies among others. Nevertheless, others take the opposite, they become quiet and fearful of talking even to their closest friends; in fact, they try their best to avoid them.

Good News!

Many marriages and very promising intimate relationships have been destroyed because of addiction. Parents are crying daily for losing their children in substance abuse and so are children hopeless and lonely for being abandoned by their drug-addicted parents. Addiction can tear down a family and bring it into a financial crisis. But addiction treatment centers in New Jersey can prevent these things from happening.

What Can You Do

If you have tried interventions and has not worked because most of the times the victim is not sober, you can seek for help and enroll them to addiction treatment centers in New Jersey. You can help them recover from this addiction nightmare through the following ways:

1. Avoiding enabling habits

You can enable your loved one to continue in addiction even without knowing. This could be through your financial help. Think of other options like staying with them for a while instead of sending them money.

2. Attending support group meetings

This is basically to show them that you still love and care for them. In case, the meeting is exclusively for the victim, you can drive them to the place and wait for them to pick them up.

3. Being involved in family therapy

This will help you know how to treat the victim to overcome addiction. It will basically restore the relationship between the family and the recovering person.

4. End substance use

Of course, you should not be using drugs and substances around a person struggling with addiction. Avoid all those abusive substances especially if he or she is undergoing an outpatient program in one of the addiction treatment centers in New Jersey.


Don’t be the tool that will make those recovering from addiction go back to it. Support them emotionally, socially, spiritually, and in all aspects until they are on their feet. That’s your role as a sibling, child or parent.

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