How Can We Make Our Home Spacious, Bright and Modern with Glass Shelves?

Are you living in a small apartment or home? Are you also in a constant struggle to make your area look more spacious, modern and bright? There are many interior tricks that can help you in maximizing the space and in creating the impression of a large space. Interior designers have mentioned a number of decorating tips to give your home a bright and spacious look such as bright colors, small furniture, large windows with light curtains, wall mirrors and installing glass shelves.

There are many reasons to love these glass shelves which are actually there but not there. They are so transparent in nature that they do not feel like extra stuff. Because of their transparency, they easily merge into all kinds of interior themes, creating the feel of fancy yet stylish home decor. Their lavish look makes any home appear more contemporary. 

Besides these, glass shelving has a bunch of benefits including:

1. Lavish Interior:

If your aim is to create a lavish interior look then you must consider installing glass shelves because they create the impression of brighter and larger space. In recent years, almost all interior designers have admitted the fact that glass shelves with their shiny finish give the home a more elegant and stylish look. They beautifully blend with all sorts of interior designs. Apart from this, glass shelves allow the natural light to pass through them making the environment more relaxing and fresh.

2. Low Maintenance and Durability:  

There is a misconception about the durability, safety, and maintenance of glass shelves. The first thought that comes to mind after hearing the word, “Glass”, is how fragile it is and how easily it can break. But the reason why these glass shelves claim to be durable is that they are made from tempered glass (processed glass) which is as durable as other materials are. Tempered glass is made after thermal and chemical processing. It has smooth edges making their installation easier and safer. Tempered glass is declared 100% safe by the interior experts that is why you will see all modern buildings in commercial areas fully covered with glass. Moreover, glass shelves require low maintenance. You can use a normal dry cloth to wipe away the dust from them. As these glass shelves are waterproof, they are not prone to liquid stains.

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3. Variety of Colors, Shapes, and Styles:

One of the best features of glass shelves is that they are supremely versatile. There are so many colors, shapes, styles, and designs available in the market. They easily fit into any place with the help of shelf brackets. You can showcase your antiques and master decor pieces by placing them over elegant glass shelves. Glass shelves allow you to keep your room clutter-free. We guarantee that you will never regret the decision of installing them in your home. It’s very hard to decide which design and color you should pick because there is a vast variety of them available in the market such as rectangle glass shelves, triangle glass shelves, and customized glass shelves.

In short, it is always fun to play with home decor ideas. Tempered glass shelves are the best thing to bring home to make an experiment with different decorating ideas. They have great possibilities and features, allowing you to bring your dream of a modern home in reality. After all, they reflect your personality and aesthetic taste.

Modern glass shelves easily blend into any place where they are installed, whether you incorporate them in your home bar, in your bathroom, in the living room, in your kitchen or in any working area. They create a sense of elegance and openness.

Here are some amazing ideas that will help you to incorporate glass shelves in different areas of your home.

4. Make Your Powder Room Perfect with Glass Shelves:

We do need some storage in bathrooms to keep things such as cleaning stuff and toiletries. Neat and clean bathrooms reflect the personality of the owner. So this place has to be organized well. Towels and other stuff have to be arranged properly otherwise they will give a messy feel, spoiling the overall environment of the place where you clean yourself. To keep a well-organized bathroom, you not only need to clean it regularly but also need to have enough storage space.

One way to achieve that is to install glass shelves in your powder room. They will add a brighter feel to relatively smaller bathrooms. Apart from giving an impression of a large space, they also make your washroom look more elegant, lavish and modern. Always consider the right type of glass for such shelves. Tempered glass is considered to be 100% safe. Don’t hesitate while mounting these tempered glass shelves in your bathroom at all. Let your powder room shine!

5. Maximize Sunlight in Your Kitchen:

Make your kitchen look airy and fresh by installing glass shelves. You can even mount them in kitchen windows to provide extra storage space because glass shelves allow unblocked view through the window. They give you a more brightening feel due to the natural light reflecting through the glass. These transparent shelves and cabinets are ideal for smaller kitchen spaces. Glass shelves can also be used in partitioning the kitchen space without taking much space. It creates a sense of openness while providing an amazing view of your display objects. For further fresh and beautiful look, you can place indoor small plants and flowers over these glass shelves.

6. Simple Elegant Living Room:

The living room is the place where you can flaunt your antique collection. This area is the center of attention. Living rooms with dark subtle walls are ideal for mounting glass shelves because the objects placed on them take the center stage. You can get customized glass shelves as well as free hanging/standing glass shelves. Glass shelves instantly give your living room a modern touch. Glass shelves not only prove extra space but also give an organized feel in the living room.

7. Floating Glass Shelves Decor Ideas:

For adding extra visual interest, floating shelves are magical. They provide space to display different showpieces. They are available in a number of styles, designs, and sizes. They are super versatile. Here are some amazing ideas to put different types of floating shelves in your home:

  • Hang some floating shelves over the TV and place some of your most cherished books over them to dram the attention away from the TV. This is a fun idea to add some contemporary touch to your boring TV lounge.
  • There are also narrow glass shelves available to compliment your coffee table to showcase your book collection, family photos, magazines, and other framed art objects.
  • If you are an artist and are tempted to showcase your artwork then floating shelves placed on the wall, in a prominent way, is a great idea to display your artwork. You can place art pieces, accessories and house plants over these floating shelves. They will definitely compliment your artistic taste.
  • Floating shelves are gracefully replacing boring bookcases. You can hang them in different arrangements according to the different sizes of books to give a more sophisticated look. If you are a book person you would surely love the idea of displaying your book collection in a more artistic and fun way

8. Design Your Home Bar:

A home bar is the latest trend in the home interior industry. They make game rooms and living rooms even more exciting. Stylish home bars combine with modern furniture make the environment look more appealing and welcoming. Beautiful LED colored glass shelves add glamour to the living space. LED colored lights with elegant glass shelves are a deadly combination that creates a magical impact on home bars. Home bars reflect the lifestyle of the homeowner. Contemporary glass shelves amazingly blend with the colors of bar bottles, bar tools, and glasses. Glass shelves make your home bar more dramatic and dreamy. Shelf brackets made of metal are amazing for open glass shelves in the bar. Both shelves and their metal brackets look bright and contemporary. Metal and glass is an amazing combo to reflect the light. An elegant glass shelf with a mirror wall behind is all you need to make your home bar corner stand out.

9. Decorate Your Galleries with Glass Shelves:

With their smooth edges and lightweight, glass shelves are the ideal interior product for decorating your gallery. Their transparency allows the object placed on them to take the center stage. They are amazing to create a gallery look. For those who have artistic nature, they can bring their pieces of art under the limelight by displaying them on these glass shelves. They draw the attention of the visitors. They give your galleries a chance to be an important part of your home decor.

Glass shelves can also be placed in other corners of the house in an equally elegant manner. Their ability to beautifully blend and complement other articles in the place makes them the top choice of interior designers.    

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