How can Increased Screen time Worsen your Migraine

Migraines are very painful and prolonged. Anyone who has problems with migraines would know that these headaches come without any warning and can last for a while.

Many cases of migraines can also lead to severe nausea and vomiting. Even though several medications do help with migraine pain but it is best to consult a doctor before taking any medication.  Although there are several factors that contribute greatly to increasing the chances of having a migraine, increased screen time because of the current work from home scenario can elevate a migraine.

But not to worry, here are some things to know and avoid to stop it from making it worse:


The brightness of the screen, even though it may not be directly linked to why you get migraines, they do tend to worsen migraines because of the light/dark contrast.

Viewing distance

When it comes to screen time, the viewing distance also matters a lot. If you’re sitting really close to your computer screen while working, it’s possible that you may develop a migraine. Nowadays the pattern that can be noticed is, even when you are taking a break from your laptop or PC you tend to go back to your phone out of habit.  The screen time doubles and the viewing distance is also very close.

So the question arises, are there any remedies for migraines that arise due to increased screen time? Well, there is no straightforward answer to that. It requires a mix of behavioral changes and products that can help you.

A few recommendations are

  • Purchase anti-glare screens
  • Take regular breaks from your screens
  • Do something that doesn’t involve screens like yoga,  jogging, or journaling in your spare time
  • Use tinted computer glasses that block blue light
  • Wear corrective glasses, if required

Getting the lighting right can reduce the chances of getting migraines by a lot, when you do start feeling a headache is approaching it’s better to draw the curtains in the room and shut off your devices. You can invest in some good light-blocking curtains which will keep the sunlight away. There are several window blinds that can block the light as well. Getting an anti-glare cover can be really helpful too.

Sometimes focusing on tiny fonts on the mobile screen can make your eyes work extra hard and give you a headache. You can try increasing the text size of the content on the screen. This can prevent you from squinting too hard and also lower your chance of getting a headache.

Take regular breaks from your screens, breaks are one foolproof way of going about things. Your eyes need to relax as well, otherwise, there can be other issues like dryness and itching. So take a break, look into the distance, and give yourself some quality time off.

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