How Can a DWI Conviction Change Your Life?

A police officer can charge you with driving while intoxicated if they have reason to believe you were operating a vehicle while impaired by drugs or with a blood alcohol concentration beyond the legal limit. 

DWI is a serious crime in Texas, and perpetrators can face both civil and criminal charges. The penalties can range anywhere from thousands of dollars in fines to several years in prison. Without a doubt, this is going to affect your life and those of your loved ones in numerous ways.

Consider hiring a Dallas DWI lawyer to help you fight these criminal charges and possibly avoid conviction.

A DWI Conviction Can Affect Your Life

Financial Constraints

A DWI conviction comes with unforeseen expenses that can quickly run your saving dry. First, there are court fees, legal costs, and fines that the court can require you to pay. In addition, the judge can order you to pay a particular amount as restitution in cases where another individual was injured.

Fighting a DWI conviction, on the other hand, will only see you incur attorney fees only. In case the prosecutor reduces your charges, you might pay a lower amount in fines than if you choose to accept a conviction.

Mental Health Problems

Experiencing financial problems, loss of employment, freedom, and the general guilt of seeing your loved ones suffer because of your mistakes can gradually develop into a mental health issue.

Studies show that job loss and inability to provide can have serious mental health impacts on a victim. This, coupled with the other effects of a DWI we’ve discussed, can take a toll on you, especially if you don’t have a support system.

Possible Job Loss

A DWI conviction can also cost you your job, especially if you work as a driver. Some employers are also wary of working with a DWI convict and might suspend or relieve you of your duties altogether.

Having a DWI conviction also means that it might appear on your criminal record when a potential employer conducts a background check on you. This means that you might miss important opportunities and even some government programs.

Strained Relationship with Your Loved Ones

One of the things that are least explored about DWI convictions is the social stigma they come with. Regardless of whether you’re now sober or not, people tend to view a DWI convict in a negative light. You might even notice that people no longer trust you with the smallest of tasks.

It also goes without saying that a DWI conviction can sever relationships with your family and friends. New problems such as loss of employment and financial constraints can further complicate relationships because you’re likely to bear all the blame.

Trouble Adjusting to a New Lifestyle

A DWI conviction will force you to adjust to a new lifestyle riddled with the changes we’ve just discussed. 

It’s even harder to fit into your new reality if the conviction led to the suspension of your driver’s license. Switching to public transportation, having to call a cab every time you need to get somewhere, or asking a loved one to drive you around can be daunting. 

Hiked Auto Insurance Premiums

Depending on your car insurance coverage, your premiums might increase after a DWI conviction. This is because the insurer will view you as a high-risk policyholder.

Having a DWI conviction on your driver’s record also makes it more difficult to switch to another insurer, because the premiums are likely to be equally high.