How Beauty can Have a Positive Impact on the Planet

Beauty products are one of the most frequently purchased items on the market. And with sustainable beauty products like One Ocean Beauty, protecting the planet just got easier.

For many of us, going through our beauty routine is mundane and we likely have never thought too much about the impacts it has on the planet. While you will always need beauty products, you now have choices in supporting brands that support the planet too.

In general, the beauty industry is associated with passionate consumers—who for many—want to do good in the world. With beauty brands using both natural and organic ingredients, using eco-conscious packaging and giving back to charities, purchasing a beauty product means so much more for the planet now.

This shift in the beauty industry is so inspiring, as for many years the industry used to have high rates of waste, a high carbon footprint, and minimal positive impacts for the planet. But now the opposite is true! The beauty industry is having a positive impact on the planet in a range of ways, which we have rounded up to show you how a conscious decision of supporting certain beauty brands will lead you to make a real difference.

No More Plastic Packaging 

Plastic packaging used to be the death of beauty products. But not anymore. Instead, the best beauty brands are using eco-friendly packaging that is recyclable and reusable. Each piece of packaging has a purpose and is sourced for its sustainability benefits. Plus, consumers can also get creative and use empty beauty product bottles as miniature flower holders and storage so they never reach the landfill. Many brands are also finding creative ways to refill the same bottle with a new dosage of product so that it further minimizes bottles needed and waste produced.

Natural Ingredients Only 

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals that are full of toxins. For too long cleanser, mascara, and even your perfume were made with ingredients that were not natural and could really damage your health and the planet’s health. But now, there are sustainable beauty product brands that use natural ingredients with incredible results for your skin, hair, and face. With fewer toxins being used and natural ingredients being utilized, more balance is certainly being achieved for the planet. Some of the best beauty products have even found ways to use marine ingredients like algae and marine collagen to create some of the most impactful formulas to date.

No Plastic in your Products 

Before certain laws were passed, many beauty products contained microbeads in the ingredients! These tiny little plastic particles would eventually go from your face, down the sink and into the ocean—causing microbead pollution that damaged marine life. But now that microbeads are no longer allowed in any beauty product ingredients, there is slowly becoming less and less microbead pollution in the ocean. This is a hugely positive impact for the planet.

Caring About the Environment 

Beauty products nowadays don’t just utilize the environment, they care about it too. Natural ingredients that are used are sourced sustainably and replenished so that the planet never runs out. Whether it’s from the forest or the sea, the beauty industry is doing its best at staying in balance with the natural world. The best brands are even partnering with charitable organizations so that consumers and the company alike can contribute financially towards helping them really save the planet.

No More Animal Testing 

For too long brands were testing their beauty products on animals. But this was neither good for their reputation or the animals themselves. But with advancements in technology, there is no longer the need to test beauty products on animals. Instead, they help animals by supporting charities that aim to protect them.

Quality Choices 

No longer do consumers need to rely on getting beauty products from just the big brand names. With smaller but more passionate teams creating natural and organic beauty products, you can choose to support them in their mission to really make a difference. You can now do your research, truly understand how sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products are before purchasing them and take comfort in knowing your consumer decision has helped create a better planet.

With so many ways in which the beauty industry is helping create positive impacts for the planet, it has never been easier to align with brands that care just as much as you do.   From packaging to ingredients and supporting charitable organizations, the beauty industry is making a difference and allowing you to as well.