How a Trip to Europe Made me go Study There

Europe is not only filled with beautiful travel destinations but also with a lot of opportunities to study. It boasts with some of the best universities in the world. A lot of people nowadays choose to study medicine and dentistry in Europe for different reasons.

Students from the UK choose to take this road because of the ruthless policies of the government of education. According to statistics, less than 5.5% of applicants in the UK get accepted into medical school. Most of these people then choose to take a degree in other subject related to healthcare – physiotherapy, molecular biology, microbiology etc. However, they end up unsatisfied and look for opportunities in Europe where they are offered a 4-year graduate entry medicine course.

Other people go to study there simply because education is of a very high standard that is recognised worldwide.

I will tell you my story of how I went on a 7-day trip to Bulgaria and 1 year later I ended up studying medicine there. Now I’ve graduated as a certified doctor and I’m currently working back in the UK.

It all began when I saw an ad online about an excursion to Bulgaria. It presented breathtaking sights and I read that they have a huge cultural heritage. Myself being a bit of a history geek I decided that was the place for me.

My little trip was absolutely one of the best I’ve ever had. We went all over Bulgaria – from Sofia to Plovdiv to Varna. In all 3 places, we went to see all kinds of museums, theatres and glorious universities. Our tour guide explained to us that there’s a staggering amount of international students studying medicine and dentistry in Bulgaria. The biggest community of which is German and then right behind them is that of the UK students.

This really interested me because I’ve had something in me about medicine. I took that in mind and we continued with our wonderful excursion in Bulgaria. We went through a lot of little towns with tales from the liberation of Bulgaria – Karlovo, Kalofer, Panagiurishte.

At the 7th day when we had to go back to the UK, none of the group really wanted to leave. When I got home I was feeling a nostalgia for the place for a whole year and after that year I ended up being a medical student in Sofia Medical University! I had fallen in love with this place and I simply couldn’t wait to go there again. Then I decided to live on my childhood dream and pursue medicine. That’s the best thing I ever did in my life.

Now, as a reputable doctor back in the UK I feel absolutely fulfilled. I often go to Bulgaria to meet my friends and relax. It’s such an amazing country and I feel saddened when I hear people that know nothing about it say horrible things.

Should you happen to have a thrill for becoming a doctor yourself then decide to study medicine or dentistry in Europe today!

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