Hottest Medium Length Hairstyles for Women In 2020

Medium length hairstyles, also popularly known as mid-length hairstyles are the talk of the town right now. Liked by most fashionable women, these hairstyles are not too short or too long; they are just the right length.

The best thing about these hairstyles is that they look great on all hair types and textures. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, you are sure to get a medium length hairstyle that is suitable for your hair texture. In addition, mid-length hairstyles flatter all face shapes and are easy to maintain. Here at Glaminati, we have collected some of the most fashionable and hottest medium length hairstyles to inspire you during your next trip to the salon. Take a look.

1. Layered Medium Length Hairstyle With Bangs

If you need to rock a mid-length hairstyle with a lot of movement and texture, you will not get it wrong by choosing this layered hairstyle with bangs in front. Combined with a blunt fringe, medium length hair gives you a look that is polished and beachy. If your hair doesn’t have enough texture, you may want to use texturizing products such as salt spray to enhance texture to your hair since it is essential when styling mid-length hair.

2. Feathery Bangs and Mid Length Hair.

Feathery bangs are also called wispy bangs or piece-y’ bangs. The difference between wispy bangs and the blunt bangs is that the wispy bangs don’t cover the entire forehead as blunt bangs do. Rather than covering forehead as the whole, they protrude out creating a soft and a shaggier effect-especially when styled on mid-length hair.

This is an ideal hairstyle for ladies with fine and thin hair since the hairstyle doesn’t need a lot of hair to create a fringe. This is one of the trendiest medium length hairstyles that you should try this year.

3. Mid Length Haircut For Fine Locks

Thin or fine hair can appeal too dull if grown to longer lengths. As such, you would want to grow your hair medium length if you have fine or thin hair. To give your thin hair an impression of thickness, apply mousse to your locks when blow-drying and then afterward add volumizing sprints. You may also opt for clip-in hair extensions as the mid-length hair will blend perfectly with them.

4. Mid Length Hair With Extended Layers

Extended layers fit well on women with naturally thick hair since they visually sprint the hair and enhance volume and movement. Similarly, a medium-length hairstyle works perfectly with thick locks as it is easy to style and low maintenance. If you opt for mid-length hair with extended layers, don’t forget to include face-framing pieces, or if these are not your type, go for extended side bangs for a flattering finish. This is one of the best medium length hairstyles for women this year.

5. Mid-Length Straight Hair

When you have medium length hair, you have endless options to style it, and this one example of styling your hair if you have straight locks. It is a great look for women wanting a more refined and formal look. This 90s inspired medium length hairstyle has relaxed texture and volume thanks to the side parting and layers added on top. It is also a low maintenance women hairstyle with a slicked-back weekend vibe.

6. Curly Medium Length Hairstyle

If you have curly hair, we recommend that we opt for this curly medium length hairstyle. You may decide to style disheveled ringlets or create defined curls. Either way, the final look is stunning and one to cause envy among your friends.

While you should be prepared for maintenance of this hairstyle, utilizing curl defining products will reduce the maintenance.

7. Medium Wavy Hair

One of the most asked medium length hairstyles in salons. The wavy hair is quite suitable for medium length hair. This is because the hair is long enough to reveal the stunning movement of the wavy hair and short enough for easy maintenance. And for ladies with straight hair, they can create waves by use of a curling iron if they want to rock this hairstyle. A flat iron is also a great tool you can use.

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