Hop To The Chance To Make 20 Cute Bunny Crafts For Easter

Is it too early for Easter? – I hope not. You will agree with me that you need to start getting ready for occasions like this earlier. I feel really bad when I start preparing only a few days before the major day.

It’s not right.

Starting with the preparations a month or month and a half earlier gives you space to find enough material and decorate your whole house.

I’ll give you my secret. I’ve started collecting ideas and materials the last week. I already made my kids aware that something like this will follow. They thought it was early, as well, but 10 minutes after both of them came down in the “working office” to share their ideas.

I love them.

Here is what I’ve found so far. They are simple and amazing. Make these in the first 20 days. Ideas will start flowing in your head after that.

Let’s DIY!

1. Peeps and Jelly Beans Centerpiece

Peeps and jelly beans centerpiece

Tutorial via

2.Easter Bunny Pom Pom Popper


Tutorial via

3. Cress Bunny


Tutorial via

4. Easter Bunny Softies From Socks

Easter Bunny Softies From Socks

Tutorial via

5. Printable Bunny Napkin Ring


Tutorial via

6. Peeps Easter Bouquet

Peeps Bouquet Three

Tutorial via

7. Clothespin Bunnies


Tutorial via

8. Cherry Blossom Easter Tree


Tutorial via

9. Paper Plate Bunny Basket


Tutorial via

10. Color Blocked Bunny Vases

Color Blocked Bunny Vases

Tutorial via

11. Paper Bunny Treat Bags


Tutorial via

12. The Cutest DIY Easter Bunny Balloons


Tutorial via

13. Bunny Nursery Decor


Tutorial via

14. Easter Bunny Jar


Tutorial via

15. Hama Beads Bunnies


Tutorial via

16. Bunny Ears Floral Crown

bunny ears

Tutorial via

17. Folding A Bunny Napkin


Tutorial via

18. Bunny Hug Egg Holders


Tutorial via

19. Mini Bunny Vases From Eggshell


Tutorial via

20. Pom Pom Bunnies

pom pom bunnies

Tutorial via

They are really, really cute and simple. Make them and you’ll see!

Don’t forget to let your friends know that you are starting with the decorations. Share it with them!

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