Homeschooling Math Program to Build a Strong Foundation

Math is a tough subject for many people. Among homeschooling parents, math is perhaps the most debated curriculum. Largely because it is one of the difficult subjects to teach. Most online curricula provide different approaches and incorporate various methods.   

Mastery of math teaching skills from traditional methods to hands-on manipulative tools can be overwhelming when homeschooling. Often, parents want an easy way of ensuring their kids are developing their math skills and knowledge. 

Having a strong curriculum helps ensure students get a good mathematics foundation. Best of all, kids get to develop their math skills without feeling like a drill. Thanks to the online math curriculum parents can outsource math teaching. Some math curriculum programs like Spirit of Math have a reputation 

Spirit of Math 

The Spirit of Math is a leader in after-school math education targeting high-performing students. It eases the burden for parents by letting children learn online through live classes and online videos. 

As a CNN report indicated, helping children with grade-level math problems can even challenge an adult. To do this, some parents may have to summon long-forgotten knowledge. It even gets tougher when you try to balance work and house duties while ensuring your kid is engaged and learning. 

However, Spirit of Math is a great supplemental math program that benefits both students and parents. It allows students to learn passively. This helps eliminate preconceptions and set requirements which makes learning a fun experience. 

Regardless of the approach you choose, allowing your child to use a supplemental online math program helps eliminate worry from parents. Also, it removes frustration from students which permits natural learning to take place. 

Choosing a core math curriculum has its benefits. As well, settling for a comprehensive program that teaches children the necessary foundation for math soothes the mind. It is the best way of setting your children for future classes, especially in college. 

Who is the Program for?

While most tutoring programs focus on struggling students, Spirit of Math is for high-performing math students. It challenges these students from Grades K-11 by introducing them to crucial math concepts. 

In kindergarten, the program helps children start developing their 2D and 3D spatial sense during the start of each class. Also, they are introduced to how numbers work through patterns. As well, a hands-on approach to geometry and numeracy provides a good foundation for problem-solving.  

The curriculum in grades 10 and 11 prepares students by ensuring they have a deep understanding of important topics. It makes the students ready for post-secondary education. The 2-hour per week class provides essential learning. Also, the platform supports cooperative group work and problem-solving which are key skills. 

This gives them a strong foundation for tackling increasingly complicated topics. Students in this program learn in a dynamic classroom setting with like-minded students. 

Some of the students come from top gifted, public, and private schools in North America. Students continue to enroll in the after-school classrooms year after year. 

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