Homemade Glowing Jars: Amazing Night Lights For Your Kids

You can involve them in the process of making these amazing night-lights.

Especially if you have little kids this is like the best DIY project for them.

They often get scared of the dark, so here is one fun solution.

Ask them what color they prefer or what is their favorite color.

You can surprise them by making something like this.

I know they will love you even more after this.


There is one single warning, though.

You have to be careful and put these glow-in-the-dark jars somewhere they won’t touch them.

If they break them, there is a big chance for some consequences because these jars could be poisonous.

Be extremely careful.

Here is the recipe for making a great glowing jar.

  1. Find one big suitable jar or jars

  2. Fill them with water

  3. Purchase glow sticks and be very careful with them. Glow sticks can be poisonous.

  4. Take the broken glow sticks and mix them into every jar fulfilled with water.

Maybe it’s better to make your kids watch from side while you are doing this.

There are many variations how you can do glow-in-the-dark jars.

You just use your imagination and be careful!

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