Home Improvement Woodworking – Create Beautiful Spaces With Timber Technology

 Woodworking is an ancient art; it has existed for a long time. Wood has also stood out in furniture making because of its vast array of advantages: from durability to reducing environmental impact. Woodworks are beautiful, and nothing beats home improvement woodworking. Pieces of furniture are crafted out of timber, designed to your taste, and refined to modern standards to give your home a luxurious ambiance. That is what we do at Timber technology.

But handcrafting furniture is not the only thing we do; we equally render services off-site and garden-based carpentry and custom-made staircases. Our carpenters are experts at creating exquisite woodwork that makes your home exceptionally beautiful. Here, we will guide you through the various home improvement woodwork we handcraft at Timber technology.

We will start with the woodwork that you can find in your home.

In the Kitchen

The peculiar thing about Timber technology is that our highly experienced artisans work with state-of-the-art equipment to give you the very best. Using the latest computer technology, we design 3D drawings to give you an insight into the end product.

For the kitchen unit, we use natural wood veneer for the finishes. That not only makes your kitchen unit durable but also makes it less prone to warping or splitting. In addition, the natural wood veneer has an even grain pattern appearance and is easy to clean. Suppose you want durability and quality combined with a glossy surface for your kitchen unit. In that case, you will love this piece. We also have a broad selection of laminate surfaces in different decors. Our worktop finishes vary, and each design adds class and glam to your kitchen in a unique way.

The Bedroom

Made of solid wood and available in your preferred finishes. Timber technology’s wardrobe is available in different sizes, with a hinged door or sliding doors and varying numbers of drawers. That is the best option if you require storage space in your bedroom; our wardrobe is refined and makes a statement.

Our services for bedroom decor also include but are not limited to shoe racks, modular drawer organizers, bedside tables, and dressing tables. You can also request pull-down hanging rails in your wardrobe and internal wardrobe lighting.

Living Room

This is where comfort meets style. Our carpenters ensure that the woodwork in your living room makes it a comfortable dwelling place and stylish. We finish the wall units, drawers, coffee tables, and others with natural wood veneer. There is a wide range of laminate worktop finishes, and we provide lighting, if required, to create an alluring atmosphere.


Timber technology aims to create a workspace that provides the storage you require and is efficient and beautifully crafted. We craft your bookshelves, study units, and reading tables or desks out of solid wood to ensure durability. We also use natural wood veneer for the finishes to give the furniture a glossy appearance. The glossy feel of the study units, coupled with the laminate finish on the worktop, makes your study more aesthetically pleasing.


We can meet your expectations, from balustrade refurbishment to complete bespoke staircases. We also construct understairs storage for those needing space in their homes. It is up to the client to decide the material for constructing a staircase, whether softwood or solid oak. It is also up to them to choose a style for the staircase. The straight flight, single turn, double turn, and curved staircase are examples of styles you can choose from.

As stated earlier, we also offer external services like site carpentry and garden-based carpentry.

  1. Site Carpentry: Our team of craftsmen at Timbers technology work with state-of-the-art equipment. We assemble timber chiefly for structural timberworks, and we work with timber to create various structures integral to many buildings. We construct the staircases, windows, doors, and more and install these structures and fittings in the correct locations. We will also fix the roofs. Generally, in site carpentry, we complete everything in the house, from design to the CNC machining to assembly and installation, using mainly wood to achieve all this.
  2. Garden-Based Carpentry: We offer bespoke external joinery using sustainable sources and high-grade timber. Our highly experienced carpenters can create beautiful seating in your garden room to add style, comfort, and functionality. Whether you choose circular or square-line seating, we have all the skills and tools necessary to make this a reality. Trellis fence panels are another beautiful addition to your garden. They build enclosures in your garden while still allowing rays of sunlight into your garden; this makes your garden more enjoyable. Our carpenters can craft different elegant styles to suit your taste.

Pergolas and Gazebos are also ideal for your garden. At Timbers technology, we offer professional construction services for all garden and outdoor structures, using a renewable, insulating, and natural building material; wood. We help you create your dream garden; all you have to do is get in touch with us to get started.

We also offer commercial services

At Timbers technology, we have experienced artisans with broad knowledge of building techniques and methods to build your custom space. We create commercial architectural woodwork for office facilities and organizations. This is where style meets functionality. We craft stylish and highly functional shelves and display cases for stores, wall units, reception desks, partitions, and others for corporate organizations. Our services range from refurbishing projects to constructing multifunctional commercial workspaces. We give our best to every job, no matter the magnitude.

Woodwork drawings are necessary for the smooth flow of the woodwork construction process. They are detailed and feature exact spacing and locations. We use the latest computer technology to design all our fitted joinery using 3D drawings for your approval. This gives our customers an insight into the end product and enables us to make any necessary changes before installation.

We are here to bring your dream projects to reality. From fitted wardrobes, kitchens, and studies to custom-made staircases and garden studios, we create the perfect home furnishings. They last long with fewer scuffs and damage and give your home a luxurious ambiance.