Hollywood Smile Before & After

There is no denying that the Hollywood smile has grown to be one of the most sought after treatments of recent times. To put it denotatively, it refers to an aesthetic dentistry treatment that revamps the smile in its entirety. It is inspired by the bright smiles of Hollywood celebrities that each of us eye. Speaking of this, this treatment is performed by putting together a combination of various dental applications. This is because having just the white teeth is not enough to obtain the perfect Hollywood smile.

How to get Hollywood smile

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are protective caps that are used to mask aesthetic defects on the jaw’s front. Considering that they require an enamel folder, the space is created using a sheet. The thickness of the sheet is similar to that of the veneer’s. Speaking of this, it is crucial to remove the enamel layer as not doing so will end up causing a protruding set of veneers. As a result, the final look will not be as authentic as it should.


Lumineers refers to a type of veneers that are translucent and look like slim shells. Unlike veneers, lumineers do not need an enamel layer to be filed as part of the process. Hence, for those who are not willing to file their enamel layer to restore their teeth can opt for lumineers as their dental treatment option.

Composite resin veneers

Composite resins are derived from a similar substance as dental fillings. Therefore, it can be challenging to change them so as to suit their characteristics in terms of form and hue. Having said that, their formulation is quite simple.

The pros of Hollywood smile

Considering the fact that it tends to solve numerous dental concerns, there are many benefits to enjoy.

Below is a list of the advantages that Hollywood smile offers:

A smile makeover:

The fact that you get a new and a very dazzling smile is by far the best benefit out of all. This is because there are very few treatments that can manage to give patients an appealing revamped smile.

Personalized attention:

When it comes to Hollywood smile treatment, dentists plan the makeover by closely having a discussion with the patient. They take into account the feedback of the patient as there are a number of options available.

Gives oral health a boost:

Aside from the fact that it is perfect for cosmetic reasons, it is also really great for one’s oral health. For example, if you suffer from tooth decay, fillings can be added to your smile makeover plan.

Perfectly aligned teeth:

In case you have noticeable gaps in your teeth and it has stripped your confidence off, then this treatment is the most suitable dental solution for you. Generally, dentists recommend braces. However, if there is a minor issue, cosmetic treatments such as dental veneers are recommended.

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Costs of Hollywood smile

The price may vary depending upon the material used. To put it in perspective, composite veneers are more on the economical side when it comes to getting a Hollywood smile done. On the other hand, lumineers are a great option if you want no impact on the teeth enamel. Other than this, the cost also depends on if there is any additional treatment involved, such as teeth whitening.

Who qualifies for Hollywood smile treatment?

If you are unsure about your suitability for the treatment, then we have got you covered. You are meant for one if you have missing teeth or if you have discolored teeth; it does not matter how mild or severe the discoloration is. Moreover, you are all set for it if you suffer from misaligned teeth or have enough tooth enamel. Apart from this, you are good to go if you have no active infections and are looking for a solution for your cracked or crooked teeth. Speaking of this, the recommended age for this treatment is above 18 years of age. Also, it is important to have enough bone density as it is a must-need for the installation of dental implants. Above all, make sure you are ready and committed for a lifetime of change that Hollywood smile would ultimately bring in.