Hiking Tips During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our lives. Masks have become part of our daily outfit, and spending time with friends and family has become increasingly difficult. For the hiking buffs, the changes have been even worse. Certain trails have been closed and social distancing rules can get in the way of group hiking plans. Of course, that makes it less fun out there, but it doesn’t prevent you from going down a hillside trail as long as you do it responsibly. Here are a few useful tips for hiking during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1.    Avoid rush-hour

With the idea being to keep away from people as much as possible, rush hour is no longer the ideal time to hike. Hiking has gained massive popularity over the past couple of years, with once-empty trails now being jam-packed. But most hikers and joggers still prefer the early mornings and after-work hours, which allows you to schedule your walks in between.

2.    Carry your mask

We all have our preferred hiking outfit, and this Kryptek catalog shows just how vast the spectrum is. However, the one thing unites us all during these challenging times is the need to wear a mask. Whether you hit the trail alone or in a group, it is wise to carry a mask even if you will wear it on an ad hoc basis. You don’t want to risk other people’s lives along the way, and you definitely don’t want to look foolish.

3.    Hike with family and friends

If you are the type that won’t go on a hike without company, the pandemic may have shifted your plans. However, you can still opt to hike with a friend or family member, but only if you are already in contact with them. In a word, you need to change your hiking company, at least until things are back to normal. Who knows, you may end up liking your “new normal”!

4.    Carry a hand sanitizer

Your backpack may be full but it’s not too full to accommodate a bottle of hand sanitizer. You probably know that if you touch a surface that has been touched by someone who has the virus, there is a good chance you will become infected. There are many of these surfaces along popular trails, and it is virtually impossible to avoid touching all of them. Packing hand sanitizer can make up for any forgetfulness and ensure you are safe during and after the hike

5.    Follow safe routes

Your daredevil spirit may lure you into trying out new, potentially riskier routes, but this really isn’t the time for it. The pandemic is ravaging the country, and emergency responders and volunteers are pretty occupied. So, if you are lost or injured, it may take longer than usual to get the help you need.


With the pandemic’s course looking uncertain, you may find it difficult to push back your hiking plans until the virus is gone. These tips will help you enjoy your favorite activity without risking your life or that of other hikers.

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