HighKind CBD Review

If you’re looking to take your CBD experience to another level, having a peek into the world of CBD concentrates may be of interest to you. Super smooth and brilliantly simple, dabbing is the best way to experience all of those unique terpenes and flavour profiles. The positive effects of CBD are also dramatically heightened when dabbing concentrates, and can be the perfect way to level up after you’ve got bored of your vape or oral drops. 

HighKind are the prime example of a company focused solely on premium CBD concentrates for dabbing. Each concentrate has been infused with stunning terpenes derived entirely from the cannabis plant using innovative and groundbreaking methods of extraction. It has taken the industry years and years of deep research into terpenes to create products perfect for dabbing. Every year, CBD dabs become more and more popular and are clearly one of the most effective ways to supplement your diet with CBD.

While many people still use the old dabbing methods that utilise a dabbing rig and tip, vaping concentrates is becoming more and more common. This is because of the fantastic quality, different levels of wattage and portability of concentrate vape pens. These pens are able to vaporise pure cannabinoids, which has only widened the amount of people who have become interested in dabbing. As the market grows, quality inevitably rises too. HighKind are the perfect example of a company who have received worldwide attention from their accessible and unique CBD concentrates and dabbing products, such as CBD Crumble and CBD Crystal. There’s a few reasons why you should always buy dabbing concentrates from premium suppliers like HighKind. Here’s why:

  • Due to the high standard of extraction, premium CBD extract keeps all those healthy elements instead of completely isolating one single element. This isolation can be seen in CBD isolate.
  • While all those healthy and nutritious compounds are kept, THC is removed during extraction. THC levels are always under the legal limit with premium products, meaning you can get worldwide shipping as a bonus.
  • The concentrates are also packed with cannabis derived terpenes when decarboxylation has occurred. This is what creates those mind-blowing CBD sensations alongside powerful aromatherapeutic benefits.
  • Most CBD companies also ensure that their dabbing products are made in collaboration with numerous terpene extractors to ensure they reach the highest standards possible.
  • Finally, rather than embracing the ease of a factory process, premium CBD companies will use hand-crafted methods to keep those terpene extracts fresh in small batches.

Most dabbers have their own, specific ways of using their CBD concentrates. For us, dabs are at their best when you’re using low temperatures. We’d advise going for about 170-310 degrees centigrade to properly feel all those CBD sensations. It’s worth bearing in mind that these small details will depend on your set up. For instance, if you have a water cooling attachment, it might be best to alter your set up. The levels we previously suggested allow you to experience those terpenes that have been handcrafted with your concentrate. When you’ve tried concentrates, you won’t be going back to your standard CBD vape anytime soon.