Here’s what you need to know about Duvet tog?

There is no doubt that we spend one third of our life in bed therefore we try our best to make it as comfortable as possible. Other than a good quality mattress, pillows and sheets something that really matters is a good quality duvet. Duvet helps us stay warm throughout the cold season and also aesthetic touch to the bed. There exists a large variety when it comes to buying the duvets. They vary greatly in their price and thermal insulation. So it is necessary to determine how you can buy a good quality duvet that caters your needs and also suits your body type.

Keep in mind that all the features of duvets depend upon their filling material. Each material offers characteristic features such as warmth, thermal insulation, and softness. The main purpose of any topper is to provide the necessary coziness which in case of duvet is measured by the duvet togs. 

Duvet tog is defined as the level of warmth of the duvet. In other words it is the measure of thermal insulation of the filling material regardless of its weight. The higher the torque value the warmer the duvet will be. So along with other factors, tog rating plays its part when it comes to the level of heat during the winter or at any other time of the year. Below is given a quick outline of the standard duvet togs available in the market.

1.0 tog: it is the lowest value on tog scale and provides minimal or no insulation. It is an extremely breathable and ideal choice for extremely hot summer Nights. They are suitable for all age groups mainly for the kids because their bodies tend to warm up naturally. Moreover kid’s bodies are smaller and require a little or no age to warm up their bodies.

4.5 tog: this is the second lowest value and an ideal choice for the hot summer season. This is suitable for all kinds of sleepers and people belonging to all age groups for hot summer Nights. Those having insulated walls are proper cooling systems installed in their place may feel cold under them when the weather is a bit chilly.

7.5 tog: it is considered a fairly warm one. It is lightweight and helpful for the cold sweepers to sleep comfortably in the summer whereas for heart and normal sleepers it is very useful in the springtime. 7.5 tog is recommended for the kids and toddlers for earlier winter months as well.

10.5 tog: It provides medium level warmth. It is ideal for spring, mile autumn and earlier winter months. It is also called round the year duvet because it provides enough insulation for all seasons provided that the place has a heating and cooling system installed in it. For normal sleepers it is an ideal choice for spring and fall whereas for warm sleepers it is the best go to choice for the winter months. 

Kids and toddlers should not sleep under 10.5 tog and less the weather is extremely cold.

13.5 tog: it is considered as the second highest level of insulation offered by duvets. It has extra loft which provides insulation against the droughts and makes the bed feel extremely warm. This stock value is recommended for normal and cold sippers when the weather is extremely cold such as from December to February.

15.0 tog: This is the highest duvet tog value and indicates the warmest duvet. It is not suitable for all kinds of sleepers even the adults because it is too warm to use. But if someone lives in hilly areas or somewhere, where the weather is extremely cold and the nights are frostiest, he/she can go for it.


When I hope that this guide answers all your questions related to the duvet tog. To summarize the above discussion, duvet tog is the measurement of the thermal insulation of the topper. It varies from 1 to 15 where 1 indicates the coldest and 15 indicates the warmest one. 

To enjoy a sound sleep, it is necessary to buy the right duvet that suits your body type, sleeping habits, climatic conditions, and personal preferences. 


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