Here’s How You Can Treat Your Super King Duvet Cover

Duvets are a great investment of money and especially when it comes to the super king duvets. Therefore, to save your money in the long run you need to cover the super king duvets with a super king duvet cover. Super-king duvet covers come in a wide range of colors, fabric materials, fabric qualities, and designs, therefore, it is necessary to have the basic knowledge in order to buy the right and appropriate duvet cover for your super king size duvets. A few important factors are discussed in detail for you so that you can buy the best super king duvet covers for your super king duvets.

Pay attention to the thread count

Thread count is probably the most important factor. Because of comfort comes first. Thread count indicates the number of threads woven in an inch of the fabric material. Higher the thread count, the better the quality and the softer the duvet covets will be. But do not get deceived, retailers manipulate and hype the thread count, they often offer you a higher thread count duvet covers but have poor fabric quality. So beware of them!

Get to the original thread count first, this can be found by counting the number of woven threads along the length and the width in a square inch of the duvet cover. Prefer buying a duvet cover with a thread count between 300 to 800.

Choose the Fabric material wisely

When it comes to the fabric material of the duvet covers, there is a long list. Duvet covers come in cotton, cotton blends, Egyptian cotton, heavy silk, linen, velvet, chenille, and synthetic materials like polyester, microfiber, and polypropylene. What fabric material you should go for?  It depends upon one’s body type and region they live in. Like, if you are a sweaty sleeper or live in hot climatic areas, cotton, linen, and the cotton blended fabric materials will suit best to you.

They are super absorbent of moisture and body fluids. They also allow the air to pass through them and increase breathability. On the contrary, if you live in cold areas, you need a heavy duvet cover like velvet or chenille. Similarly, for the respiratory patients and the hypoallergenic persons, synthetic fabric materials are recommended.

Look for the complementary colors and designs

Color schemes & design of the duvets covers help to make a gorgeous, luxurious, and beautiful duvet. They also make the duvets the focal point of your room. on the other hand, a wrongly chosen color scheme or design can mess up the whole look.

Well, when it comes to designing the duvet covers, you are provided with a large variety and various matching options. For a better look, we recommend you to mix the various colors and designs rather than matching them. You can choose the base color from the color pallet, and they create a combination of various hues of the same color. Also, choose both the plain and the patterned duvet covers for a refreshing and change look. These various design & the color schemes will allow you to create a different look, anytime you want.

Choose the tog rating wisely

Tog rating determines the thermal insulation of the duvet covers as well as the duvets. Duvet covers with a higher tog rating can add more to the thermal insulation of the duvets and make it warmer. But, how about choosing them? You should choose the tog rating very carefully because our bodies react differently to each tog rating. On tog scale, the tog rating varies from 1.5 to 15, where 1.5 is the coldest and 15 is the warmest. If chosen wisely, you can use the same duvet cover throughout the year.

Why go for the duvet covers?

When it comes to making the bedding, duvet covers help a lot. They make your bed soft and fluffy. Duvet covers are breathable and keep you warm all night. In addition to that, duvet covers are soft and absorbent, they keep your body dry and balance the pH. A few duvet covers tend to prevent the body from wicking and help you wake up fresh every morning.


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