Here’s How To Deal With Common Issues On Your Family Road Trip

Going on a Family road trip is still one of the most fun ways to travel with the family, and it’s also the most preferred way to travel. In fact, according to a survey, 80 percent of families are planning to go on road trips this year. It’s a great way to really bond with the loved ones, enjoy outdoor adventures, and create lasting memories. However, road trips come with a unique set of travel issues. Though worrying about these issues is part of the whole process, you should not let them stop your family from experiencing a fun road trip. You can prepare everything your family may need for the trip, and learn how to deal with the most common problems you may encounter on the road. 

Somebody Gets Sick on Family Road Trip

Before going on a road trip, you may need to prepare remedies for stomach aches, headaches, and car sickness. Carsickness tends to happen in children during road trips, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, cold sweats, and more. However, drinking anti-nausea medicine and a bit of rest can quickly treat it.

It’s a different story though when a member of the family gets a fever or colds. A common mistake families make at a time like this is to choose to power through to make the most of the vacation. But if you go forward with all your plans, you risk skipping the extra rest your loved one’s body needs to fight the bug. It is best to be flexible with your travel plans when this happens. Spend an extra day or two in one place and make sure everyone feels better before resuming your road trip.  

Car Problems

According to the American Automobile Association, some of the most common car problems people encounter on road trips are battery problems, engine failure and tire damage. You may already be aware of this, so car maintenance is probably on your checklist on what to do before the trip. However, you may not be prepared for unexpected car troubles that can happen while on the road. It is best to learn or relearn basic car maintenance skills, like changing a tire or using jump cables. Also, make sure to pack everything you need to deal with car problems, such as car tools and emergency supplies kit.

Another very important tip is to call your car insurance agent to know what your policy covers. For instance, you may need a towing service if you really can’t fix the car problem by yourself. Towing service prices may vary, depending on what type of vehicle you’re driving and where you’re at, but your insurance policy may cover it. 

Looking for Cheap Gas

People going on a road trip usually buy the cheapest gasoline available. This can certainly save you some money, but don’t try to find cheap fuel by traveling far out of your way just to save a few cents per gallon. The gas you’ll burn to get to your destination, plus the time out of your trip, will significantly cut your budget. Also, if you’re running low on fuel, never overestimate how far you can go. It’s better to get at least some gas at a pricey station rather than running out when you’re in the middle of nowhere. Finally, it pays to know where to find cheap fuel. Try using an app such as Gas Buddy or Gas Guru to find a gasoline station selling the cheapest gas within your area. 

Going on road trips is a fun way to bond with your loved ones. Consider the tips above to enjoy your time on the road to the fullest.

Photo by Tim Mossholder