Here is Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away These Bags From Now On

Oh yes. The Silica bags have that “Throw Away” tag on them. But should you respect that?

I know it seems like you will never use them again. They are extremely useful for a couple of good reasons.

And of course, I have those good reasons right here.

Right before I discover what these silica bags can do, I always threw them out. It seemed like they are everywhere.

When you order something online, here come the silica bags. When you buy new shoes, there they are.

I lived in a world when I thought they are poisonous or something like that. It’s nothing like that. Who would put poison in your new shoes?

They are filled with silicon dioxide which shouldn’t be eaten. That’s it.

They are not toxic at all. The Silica Bags are here for you to use them. If you want.

I will give you 7 good reasons why you shouldn’t throw them away anymore. Feel free to share more in the comments section below.

  •      Use them to absorb moisture in your gym bag

Yep. Just throw them in there. They will absorb the extra moisture that could cause a really bad odor. What’s more, they will prevent bacteria from thriving in the damp and moist environments.

  •      Put them between towels

Your towels won’t get damp and smell unpleasantly ever again. Putting a few of these in the towel cabinet will solve this.

  •      They make your razors last longer

Take a plastic container and put a few silica bags in there. After you shave your beard, put the razor inside the container. This will make the razor last longer than usual.

  •      Save your phone

I’m not so sure about this, but it’s worth trying. If your phone drops in water and gets wet, put it in a jar with silica bags. It could save your phone. People claim it’s more effective than putting it in a jar full with rice.
  •      Prevent foggy car windows

This damp weather causes lots of troubles. One of those is foggy car windows. You need to sit there in a cold car and wait for these windows to clear up. All drivers know the struggle.

A way to prevent that is with these silica bags. Put a bunch of these under the windshield from the inside. They will stop your windows from fogging up.

  •      Save Old Photos

Old photos are getting ruined over time. That’s not a good thing because they are the only connection you have with the past. That happens from not storing them right.

One way to do so is to put a couple of silica gel bags in the box of old photos. This will save them from the dampness that could possibly ruin them.

  •      Save your makeup

Every woman loves her makeup. Putting a few silica gel bags in your makeup purse or box will stop the powdery makeup from curdling.

Try these simple tricks with the silica bags. If you have something similar we could use, you can share it with us.

Yep, in the comments section below.

While you are there, share this with your friends. They could use these bags, too.

Source: Mr. Healthy Life

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