Here is how you can earn money while you travel

Travelling is rightly lauded as a life-changing experience, but it is life that often gets in the way of it in the first place. There is no getting around the fact that travelling the world does not come cheap, which prevents many people from doing it. 

Even if you were to save up the money, it is nigh-on impossible to book more than a couple of weeks off work in one go, which is not enough time to truly experience travel to the fullest.

This need not put you off, though, because it is increasingly possible to earn money while you travel. It does mean you have to be at least somewhat disciplined and responsible – and it is not a complete holiday, but being able to pay your way while you travel can transform the experience.

You will not have the niggling anxiety of an uncertain future when you return home with no savings or job. Instead, you can relax and embrace the adventure.

Here is how you can earn money while you travel:

An online business does not require you to be in a single location

A major hurdle to overcome is the concept that, even if you are freelancing, you are holding down a business. When you are hopping from country to country, it is impossible to give a work address on your website or a single place to deliver your postage to. 

It might not sound like a big deal at first, especially if you are just starting out as a freelancer, but your business will soon develop (all being well) and you will need a permanent work address. 

One solution you can use to get around this problem is to use a virtual mailbox. These are real post boxes based in locations around the world – usually at a pack and ship store or business center. It allows you to have a safe and secure permanent address to send your mail. You can manage your mail remotely via a mobile app, allowing you to have particular items forwarded to you or disposed of if needed. You can find virtual mailboxes with iPostal1.

Develop a skill you can sell online and become a freelancer

To earn money while you travel, you need a useful and in-demand skill. It is best to pick a service you can sell online, because this is the most seamless way of continuing to work as you traverse the globe. 

Popular skills include sales copywriting, digital marketing, consulting, web and graphic design. These are skills that most businesses need in some shape or form and can be learned relatively easily through online courses. 

You can then market your services to these companies as a freelancer. Working on short term projects is ideal because it gives you greater flexibility than being locked down to a job for months on end.

Integrate yourself with local culture as a language teacher

Alternatively, you could take up a ‘physical’ job in the area you are staying in. This is only really suitable if you are thinking of staying in a certain country for a few months, because you will need to find a job (language teaching being the obvious candidate), sort out a work visa and find more permanent accommodation.

This is a great option if you are looking to integrate yourself deeply into a particular country or culture, as it is easier to learn the local language and customs.