Here Are 6 Countries That Will Pay You To Visit Them Once COVID-19 Pandemic Is Over

Most people have been postponing their travel arrangements over the years. Financial constraints might be one of the reasons why this happens. But now you should not worry. Immediately the pandemic subsides, you can travel the world and save money from your travel expenses. We know how economies have received a blow due to the coronavirus pandemic, and tourism has seen the worst impact.

For this reason, some countries have resolved to incentivize tourists to visit their countries after the COVID-19 pandemic. We have brought you the top six countries that will pay you to visit them. You can go through the list and check if your dream destination is among them. If you cannot find your dream country, you can choose the best deal to boost your travel moods and cater to your needs while on the trip.

These are six countries that you should visit after the lockdown for a worthwhile incentive.

1. Italy

Italy is one of the most hit by the pandemic. Sicily, one of the Italian islands, is going to pay her tourists up to 50 percent flight costs. The scheme also includes a cover plan for a third of the visitors’ hotel expenses and a half for their flight costs. Sicily is also offering a one night of accommodation free of charge to the travelers. Museums and archaeological sites have also pledged free entry.

Italy has put in place measures for tourism and visitors by allowing them extraordinary allowances. Refunds with vouchers for theatre, cinema, museum and concert tickets will be provided for the tour packages canceled as a result of the coronavirus. This package also covers other cultural venues and shows.

Being one of the most beautiful places worldwide, Sicily is paying you to visit them after the pandemic. You can get the vouchers for your visits on the Mediterranean Island’s website.

2. Mexico

Cancun, a Mexican popular holiday spot through the Association of Hotels, is offering the visitors an exciting holiday offer. The tourists ‘Come to Cancun 2X1’ offer grants them a free night’s stay upon paying for the other two nights.

If you use a specific company for travel, other offers will cover your plane ticket. With your stay well taken care of, you can sunbathe at the beach, gorge on delicious tacos, and have a gala time.

The Caribbean coast resorts in Mexico are attracting tourists through a “stay two nights, get two free” programs offered at various hotels, including Grand Costa Maya and Cozumel. Children visitors will have free hotel stays, 20 percent car rental discounts, and theme parks, and golf courses offered.

3. Cyprus

Unlike other offers in other tourist destination countries, the Cypriot government tends to have a random visitors test especially at the airport at a regular interval. One of the exciting offers in this package entails a tourist’s offer to free care services if they test positive for coronavirus.

In this event, the government will take care of all the costs incurred for lodging, food, and drinks by the family of the individual and friends. This exception offered by the Cypriot’s government might be a silver lining and a good destination for the travelers and tourists.

4. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is seeking to help the British citizens to have their holiday locally at home. You can pack your supplies, and prepare for long paid-for trips while the offer lasts. The travelers can access the various incentives and subsidies aimed at helping the government kickstart domestic tourism by giving money straight to the people to incentivize them.

The United Kingdom’s tourism and transport commission package has employed a common approach towards restoring free movement and restriction lifting. This offer comes through a framework aimed at the safety of the personnel and the passengers supporting the gradual re-establishment of the transport. Such a recommendation is to make travel vouchers to be an alternative to cash reimbursement.

In this view, the United Kingdom aims to restore the safety of tourism activities and develop the health protocols for hotels and other hospitality industries. All the expenses incurred in their travels will be cared for.

5. Japan

According to the Japanese government data, there was a drop of 99.9 percent of visitors. Following this, a program has been developed to subsidize travel expenses to the visitors. According to the tourism leaders, eligibility for the subsidies will be given to the travelers who will make bookings through the Japanese travel agencies or directly through the traditional ryokan inns and hotels.

The government also will take the cover of in-country travel expenses by offering up to $184 a day vouchers and discounts at local shops and restaurants. Foreign tourist visitors to Japan will get an offer for half of the travel expenses.

6. The United States of America

In a bid to woo visitors back to the United States of America for the attractions and amenities, Las Vegas has been offering incentives to the visitors to allow them to stop by. For example, the Golden Gate and the D Las Vegas are giving 1,000 free flights through the casino owner.

The hotels can have access to the loans that will not be refunded to meet their travelers’ demands. Travel advisors will be paid up to USD 25 billion in loans, investments, and loan guarantees reserved for the passenger airlines, ticket agents, and aviation businesses.


Building back lost trust is crucial for tourist destinations, coupled with the commitment to the travelers’ safety. Many countries have seen many green shoots of recovery despite the immense impacts witnessed in the tourism industry as a result of the pandemic.

Many countries are set to gain momentum because they help their travelers locally and internationally to meet their travel costs and expenses. Such incentives and subsidies will help a great deal in boosting the countries’ tourism sector and enable travelers to cater to their medical bills and funds if they inadvertently contract the coronavirus.


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