Here Are Healthy Substitutes to The Worst Foods For Your Kids

Your kids love to eat that junk food sold on every corner.

It’s so unhealthy for them. The worst thing you can do is to forbid that from them.

The wrong way.

If you say to them eating junk food will kill them, they will welcome the risk.

It’s so easy for them to reach for a hot dog or coke.

A wise man said that if you want make someone do something, you have to know how to ask him.

Sometimes the kids are not the ones to blame.

Everything goes to their parents. They started it.

Cooking fried French fries for them once or twice in a month won’t harm them.

Doing this too often could lead to health problems and obesity.

I know they will ask for these foods. I know they will make you buy these foods.

I know. I’ve been there.

What helped for me?

Constantly talking and explaining things. Replacing these junk foods with healthy foods.

Telling them the benefits of the food they eat.

That did the trick. Try the same thing. It won’t harm you.

If you fail, try something different.

Making your kids change their unhealthy diet will change their life.

They will be thankful for this later in their life.

So, what a “modern” mother feeds her kids with and what are the substitutes?

Let’s dig in:

  1. Chicken Nuggets

I know it’s chicken, but they are high in fat and sodium.

Made with stabilizers, frozen food, corn-based ingredients and sugar, chicken nuggets are bad for the growth of your kids.

It’s just not worth the calories.

Plus, you won’t eat them like that. There is that fructose high made dip that goes along.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Homemade Chicken Nuggets


Making these at home with fresh chicken and organic varieties is the healthier option.

Your kids won’t feel the difference.

  1. Soda

It’s not important if it’s diet or normal soda. A sip of soda will increase the sugar level in their body.

When the body will fail to process it, the sugar will transform into fat.

12oz of soda contains 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Aside from the sugar, there is the caffeine. It’s a stimulant that will change the mood of your kids.

It’s addictive and bad for their teeth.

  •      Healthy substitute – Natural drinks

Coconut, almond, soy or Cashew milk.

You can also introduce them to fresh-juiced fruit. Serve it cold without too much addition of water.

  1. Hot dogs and Processed lunch meat

Lots of warnings circle us around every day. Hot dogs and processed meats are causing cancer.

They are high in calories, saturated fat and high in sodium.

All this mixed in one bite of hot dog raises the cholesterol level and blood pressure.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Chicken or Turkey hot dogs

You can always make them at your home. Make your own hot dog meat. That’s how you know everything is fresh and safe for your kids.

  1. Boxed Mac & Cheese

Yes. Parents give this to their kids.

The companies will do anything to make you give them to your kids.

They tend to make your life easier.

Easier and unhealthier. Putting cartoon characters on the boxes attracts the kids.

What’s more concerning, it fools the parents. When their kids see this, they buy it.

These GMO’s made food filled with empty calories, high sodium levels, and artificial dyes are everywhere.

They have to contain some chemical ingredients in order to stay “fresh” in the boxes.

  •      Healthy substitute – Homemade Mac and Cheese

You guessed it right. There is nothing better than homemade mac&cheese. Make it with Whole Grain boiled pasta, olive oil, and parmesan cheese.

Toss some vegetables for extra healthiness.

  1. Sugary Cereals

It’s not important how healthy you think they are. They are full with sugars.

All those natural sweeteners you read on the label are just that. Sugar.

Each company’s advertisement says there are lots of whole grains and fiber… bla…bla…bla…

The food coloring, empty calories and plenty of sugar aren’t worth the money and the risk.

  •      Healthy substitute – Oatmeal

We are bringing old-school back. Oatmeal with raw honey, low-fat Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit with some cinnamon and nuts topping will do the trick.

Try giving different versions of this breakfast and see them forget about cereal.

  1. Gummy Bears & Fruit Snacks

This one is tougher. While they are still little kids gummy bears are like a magnet for them.

The dry fruit snacks are also causing addiction. I will try to stay calm about this because I know you’ve read dry fruits are healthy.

Carefully read the labels. Some companies are making them along with different artificial flavors, dyes and bunch of sugar.

Dry fruit doesn’t need to taste too sweet.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Real Fruit

I was too afraid to give dry food to my kids. At first, I’ve searched for 100% real dried fruit without added sugars.

It was hard to find them.

Then, I completely switched to giving them fresh fruit snacks.

  1. French Fries

I’ve mentioned them earlier. They are salty and full with damaging trans fats.

This increases the risk of getting diabetes and cancer.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Baked Potatoes

Say no more. Baked potatoes with roasted vegetables and healthy dip made from Greek yogurt and nuts will blow your kids’ mind.

  1. Pop Tarts and Toaster pastries

That snack before school is damaging their health. Very slowly.

The refined flour, their main ingredient, don’t have any nutrients. In fact, it contains preservatives, artificial flavors, dyes, and sugar.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Whole Grain

Whole grain made foods are a great substitute. Making something with organic peanut or almond butter is definitely better.

It won’t change the taste much. Your kids will get used to it.

  1. Crackers

A snack every kid loves. They are nothing but empty calories and sodium. You won’t want to risk your kid developing a “salty tooth”.

It’s the same thing like a “sweet tooth”, but developed by salty foods.

  •      Healthy Substitute – Healthy Snacks

I used fruit and vegetable snacks all the time.

When your kids feel the need for a snack, make sure you tell them that you will make something amazing for them.

This will make them eager to try that.

It’s not hard. Changing your kids’ habits is not hard.

You just need to know what you do. Focus on the goals. Talk with them. Collaborate.

Don’t argue because things could go into the opposite direction.

Take your time and changes will come.

Do you think your friends would love to know this?

Let’s share it and see what happens.

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