Healthy Preparations to Do before the Big Day

Self-consciousness cannot be denied among brides-to-be as they wanted to look sexy and fabulous on their wedding day. Some could already be thinking about taking fat burning supplements to lose weight so that the dress will fit well, as well as able to wear high heeled wedding shoes, whilst some are already going to spa regularly to have a flawless skin. As a bride, who does not have any plans to spend more money for spa or supplements, the concerns should not cause you to worry too much as having a stressful preparation just gives you a headache and hence making you worn out and exhausted all the time. It would still be best to stay relaxed, try natural ways and just say to yourself “I am beautiful and sexy.”

Here are some healthy ways on how to lose weight without taking supplements or any slimming pills:

Healthy Diet

Some people think that not eating three times a day is a healthy diet. They even skip meals and do not eat and say they are on diet. This is a wrong notion about the term “diet” and can even destroy the cells in the body due to lack of nutrients. As a bride who wants to reduce weight, eating three times a day not too late for breakfast, lunch or dinner is still advisable. Accordingly, the best time to eat breakfast is 6am-8am, lunch at 12noon to 1 and dinner at 6pm and not later than 8pm. If you eat your dinner late regularly, there will be an added extra 2 inches to the waist which means additional two sizes on the dress, thus you might end up choosing from the beautiful plus size wedding dresses. In addition, having a high calorie meal for breakfast and small meal for dinner will help in losing weight. Eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended for a healthy diet, in addition, these are rich sources of nutrients and antioxidants. Having natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables is way healthier than taking slimming pills. Slimming or weight loss pills may show very fast results however there could be harmful side effects to the main organs in the body. 


You do not need to pay for a gym to do your exercises. Walking and jogging regularly is a healthy exercise. This could also make you lose weight and thus slimming. If you are not used to doing the activity, it is best to do the jogging in a shorter time for the first week then the following weeks, you can adjust the duration until your body gets used to it. You should always remember not to overwork your body by jogging too much on your first days if it is your first time. This also applies if you are planning to go to the gym and use their equipment. Exercising such as jogging and walking is absolutely free and is very helpful to the body in losing weight. It does not also consume much of your time. When checking bridal stores for wedding dresses, you may also consider walking or jogging towards the area if it is just nearby. It is like hitting two birds at a time.

Yoga and Dancing

Doing yoga, as well as dancing is also slimming. These also help in weight loss, as well as, in the tone of the abdominal area. Most women are more concerned about the waist/abdominal area; hence, these are among the alternatives they often consider. If you are someone who prefer to do activities in a group, enrolling into yoga or Zumba dance classes may be your option. When choosing to go for dancing, make sure you choose the most comfortable and appropriate dance shoes to ensure your safety especially if it is your first time doing the dance.

Enough Sleep

Planning for the wedding may be hectic however do not forget to get enough sleep. You should at least have 7 or 8 hours sleep as this is beneficial to one’s health. This also helps in weight reduction as well as healthy functioning of the organs in the body, that gives you good mood, thinking and the ability to finish every preparation successfully.

Final Words: With the guidelines mentioned above, self-discipline is very much needed to be able to achieve the goals set for the wedding day. To be able to fit and look sexy on the magnificent wedding dress you have chosen, may it be a ball gown wedding dress or a mermaid wedding dress, self-discipline when trying to lose weight is much needed. In addition, following the guidelines can also result to having a flawless skin which will make you more confident wearing your dress, whilst walking down the aisle.

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