TIRED Every Morning? – These 10 Healthy Foods Are Killing Your Energy

Everything popular is wrong – Oscar Wilde

I thought I would never agree with Oscar.

Recently I got serious about losing weight.

First step: Eating healthy.

Led by the quote above, I was ready to test what works for me. I’ve started eating the “healthy foods”.

What I discovered is that they killed my energy and I was still feeling like a balloon.

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So I’ve decided to do an in-depth research and see which “healthy foods” are actually energy killers in disguise.

Sadly, most of them are adding an extra pound to our weight, too.

Let’s dive in…

Energy Bars


These are my favorite. Even my closest friends eat them in order to stay healthy. We are sorry to ruin this for you, but they are just glorified candy bars. According to Sari Greaves, nutrition director for Step Ahead Weight Loss Center, these energy bars are made of enriched white flour, many different sweeteners, and fructose corn syrup. Many of them contain high levels of saturated fat and are low in fiber.



When you hear this word “granola” you already know that it’s something healthy. It must remind you of something else because granola is far from being healthy for you. Most of them contain large levels of sugar and no fiber. With so much sugar, a “healthy breakfast” with just one cup of granola can reach up to 600 calories. And that’s not what you need early in the morning.

Fat-Free Diet Foods

When you see fat-free your heart stops and your stomach says: buy it…buy iiiiit! These fat-free diet foods come in a package and you probably know that there are two ingredients in this world that give the flavor of these packaged foods and that is sugar and fat! When the food manufacturers eliminate the fat they are increasing the quantity of sugar, which by any means is not good for your health.

Fruit Smoothies


Your thoughts must be: oh man fruit too? Let me be clear that fruit contains excessive amounts of fructose that can be an energy killer. Many “Healthy” fruit smoothie booths are adding sugar just in case you are not satisfied with the flavor of the smoothie. Make sure you are making these healthy smoothies at home where you need to go easy on the fruit. Add some coconut oil and spinach. Avoid store-made smoothies!

Orange Juice


Who can say no to a refreshing, cold, orange juice in the morning? – Some orange juices contain high levels of fructose corn syrup and when you add sugar, colors and artificial flavors on top you will get something that could mess your organism. Read more about drinking larger amounts of fruit juice and its risk of obesity.

Frozen diet entrees


I will make myself a nice salad to start my day. Let me check if something is left from the frozen diet entrees. Slow down a little bit. They are loaded with sodium! They are low in calories, that’s a fact, but there is nothing nutritive in them. Packing companies very often use refined grains instead whole grains. The refining process strips them from their nutritional value.

Diet Soda


I think we don’t need to explain this to you, but here we go. It’s closely associated with weight gaining. Many research studies show that the brain reacts to these artificial sweeteners and “asks” for bigger calorie intake.

Fat-free sweets


Let me tell you one thing: there is nothing healthy in sweets and it’s not important whether you will put healthy or sugar-free or fat-free in front of that word. Fat-free doesn’t mean calorie-free and the companies that make these cookies are replacing fat with something else like sugar!



Consuming salads when you are hungry in the nearest restaurant doesn’t make you healthy. Many restaurants are “packing” up salads with more “healthy” ingredients that pump up the calorie intake. Eating just one ordinary Caesar salad could give you additional 1000 calories for the day.

Dried Fruit Slices


No, we are not wrong about this. You have to avoid these dried fruits by any means possible. And… it’s not just fruit… it’s more than that.

Very often, they are filled with sugar in order to keep their taste. The water, which needs to be in the fruit, is long gone and this makes you eat more of them to fulfill your hunger with more calories. Dried fruit slices or chips are also made with some sort of oil to make them look more appealing.


I know I was.

In the research, I found out that there are 4 types of food. The author calls them E-Factor foods.

The first type is called Energetic Factor Foods i.e. foods that are giving or killing energy in your body.

The list above is based on the ones that are doing the “killing” part.

So, if you want to educate yourself about the other 3 types…

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