Healthy Energy Boosts To Kickstart Your Morning

If there is one word that can best describe the latest trends in healthcare supplements and drinks there is absolutely no doubt what that word would be — Keto. Everywhere you look you will notice that almost everybody wants to try out the increasingly popular Ketogenic diet because apparently, they will allow you to naturally lose weight while not exactly giving up your favorite type of food — did somebody say bacon? Some of the most famous personalities in the world of sports such as UFC commentator Joe Rogan and boxing heavyweight champion Tyson Fury have all spoken highly about Ketogenic diets and Keto based food products. So what exactly are the health benefits that you can expect from incorporating Keto into your diet? Let’s talk about the main ones here. 

1. Naturally Reduce Your Appetite

The way Keto-based products such as delicious Keto energy drink works is they put your body in a natural carbohydrate-restricted state called Ketosis. When your body is in a state of Ketosis, you will not be getting your energy from the usual breaking down of carbohydrates but instead from the ketones that are in your body’s fat reserves. Not only does this seem to be really good for weight loss, but when you finally reach a state of Ketosis you will not get hungry as quickly as you normally do. 

2. Lose Weight Faster

So now that you already know how Ketosis works, it is not hard to imagine why this is an incredibly easy way to lose fat. Think about it, your body will be using the fats in your body as a natural source of fuel so your body will basically become a fat-burning machine as long as you’re getting your energy from these ketones. 

3. Improve Your Mood

Have you noticed that you become unnaturally moody when you feel hungry? You are not alone. When you are getting your energy from the breaking down of carbohydrates, your body will be expecting a constant supply of these carbohydrates for it to sustain the current energy generating levels that it is trying to maintain. If you are not constantly eating those carbs, one of the bad side effects is that your dopamine and serotonin levels (your happy hormones) will decrease as a natural response to this lack of carbs. You will not experience this when you are getting your energy from ketones.

4. Get More Good Cholesterol

You have probably already heard that there are two types of cholesterol. There is bad cholesterol or LDL, and there is good cholesterol or HDL.  One of the useful effects of drinking Keto-based energy drinks is that they can naturally increase your HDL levels. Having higher HDL levels can unlock a ton of benefits. It is incredibly good for your heart because it can help reduce the LDL levels in your blood. 

5. Control Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels

Finally, Keto energy drinks will help you control your blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Because they have a lower glycemic index, Keto drinks will not cause a spike in your insulin. This is because the heightened sugar and insulin levels in your blood are the result of having too many carbohydrates in your system.  As you have already learned here, Keto-based products work in the exact opposite way because they actually work to restrict carbohydrates. 

So what do you think? Do you think Keto-based food products are unjustifiably hyped up or are you ready to add them to your regular diet? The best place to start is always a good energy drink because not only are they highly accessible — you can bet that they taste amazing too!