Health Benefits of Running for Women

Do you know going for a run could reduce the risk of early death in women? I bet you didn’t. What else don’t you know about the numerous health and physical benefits of running for women? Run along with us as we educate you.

While some may associate running with only athletes who are committed professionally to the act as a sport, or anyone who aspires to get into the “athletic shape,” running is actually meant for everyone and anyone, subject to any underlying health condition that may preclude you from running, of course.

From keeping fit to maintaining toned and trimmed muscles, There are a million and one health benefits women can get from running. Let’s get into the 7 health benefits of running for women that are sure to get you on your toes and in your running shoes.

7 Health Benefits Of Running For Women

1. It helps you get and stay fit

Of course, this is the number one benefit on the list as fitness is the primary benefit many associates with running and exercising generally. Running aids overall fitness improves flexibility, and strengthens stamina. Regular running will eventually help you keep and stay fit as opposed to reverting back into feebleness.

2. Reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke

Running helps prevent a blood clot in the arteries and blood vessels, thereby enhancing circulation and unhindered flow of blood. Running also helps the heart pump blood and normalizes blood pressure. This reduces the risk of a heart attack which may also cause a stroke.

3. Good for pregnancy and aids labor

Pregnant women have been encouraged to exercise accordingly by walking, slow runs, and just generally doing moderate-intensity exercises for designated hours weekly. It not only helps to trim the extra weight gotten from pregnancy, but it also aids labor and lowers the risk of complications during pregnancy and labor.

Running while Pregnant

However, there are certain circumstances where running or any exercise at all might be dangerous for pregnant women. Always speak to a health professional before starting out any exercise during pregnancy, especially if you didn’t use to run before pregnancy.

4. Burns calories

Studies have shown that running burns more calories in the body than some other muscle-working exercises like swimming, cycling, walking, stair climbing, and other similar workouts. Running is also an essential workout routine for weight loss as it has been shown to help many women lose extra weight quicker than some other similar exercises. Don’t forget to augment this with a healthy calorie deficit diet.

5. Strengthens the joints

Moving lubricates the joint. What better way to get your joints lubricated and avoid the health dangers of prolonged immobilization than by a few minutes of running daily? Aerobic exercises like running especially, help to inhibit proteins that interfere with muscle growth, ultimately building the muscles. However, repeated long-distance running might do the opposite and wear out the muscles.

6. Relieves stress

Running as a form of exercise is a great stress relief mechanism. Not only do you sweat it out, but you also clear your head and release dopamine, popularly called the “happy” or “feel-good” hormone, which will help improve your mood and ultimately decrease your stress level.

7. Relieves menstrual cramps

Shocked? Don’t be. Running helps the brain release endorphin, which is a pain-relieving hormone known to block pain receptors in the brain and stop pain signals from the contrasting uterus.

Nothing good comes without a few warnings to prevent defeating the purpose of this good. Similarly, running may be kicked against where your practice some unhealthy lifestyle habits. For instance, running and doing any other form of exercise without adequate sleep will only put your body under undue pressure.

Also, healthy eating is essential for healthy living, whether or not you are killing it at the gym or exercise field. And where there are underlying health issues that may only become aggravated with any form of aerobics, it is advisable to leave running be.

Aside from these few examples and any other reason that your doctor may give to preclude you from running – fast or slow – you should hurry to explore the many health benefits up for grabs when you run. Start slow and at your own pace if you are new to the tracks, and gradually increase your speed and your distance until you find what is comfortable for you.

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