Having a Blast: 4 Reasons to Try a Wine Tour at Least Once in Your Life

Wine tours are about more than just drinking with friends. They offer participants an inside view of how wine is made, the opportunity to try new varieties, and a chance to socialize with other wine lovers. Read on to check out just four of the many reasons everyone should schedule a wine tour at least once in his or her life.

Learn About the Process

Winemakers love to educate their customers about the cultivation and fermentation processes. It’s common for vineyard owners to offer tours of their properties or fun presentations about their histories. During the tasting itself, visitors who tour The Hermann Wine Trail will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get to know what makes each vineyard or winery unique.

Participants can also expect to learn about wine-tasting etiquette from an experienced guide. Don’t be embarrassed about asking questions. Wine tour participants range substantially in experience, and winery employees are always excited to initiate newcomers into the fascinating world of wine tasting.

Try New Wine Varieties

Wine tours offer a fantastic opportunity to try new varieties and connect with local wineries. Many wineries experiment with different blends and infusions, providing unique tastes that will delight connoisseurs with highly refined palettes and novice wine enthusiasts alike.

Each winery will offer multiple varieties of locally crafted wine, so there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy. Participants can decide which wines they like best and then purchase a few bottles from the shop or have them shipped back home.

Connect with Friends

Many participants choose to book group tours so they can create lasting memories with their friends, but it’s also not uncommon to make new friends on a wine tour. The welcoming atmosphere in most winery tasting rooms offers visitors the chance to compare notes about the wines they like and get to know each other. Plus, visitors come from all over the world to tour popular vineyards, so whether they’re local or from far away, participants will never know in advance who they might meet and befriend in the process.

A Great Excuse to Visit New Places

Wineries can be found all over the world, so many people use wine tours as an excuse to travel to new places and have new, interesting experiences. Those coming from far away should plan to spend a few extra days in the area so they can visit other local attractions.

Be sure to set up lodging and transportation in advance, though, as most wine tours only provide access to the vineyards and wineries. They don’t typically provide transportation between wineries or make arrangements for lodging.

Locals who have never been on a wine tour have just as much to gain from the experience as tourists. If nothing else, they might catch the bug and discover a new passion that can be indulged both at home and afar.

The Bottom Line

Wine tours can be both fun and educational. Groups of friends or family members can participate in tastings and tours together to solidify their bonds, or individuals and couples can head out alone to meet new friends who share their passion for excellent wine. Make sure to book tours in advance and let the tour company know if there will be a large group so they can provide appropriate accommodations.

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