Have You Heard of CBD Cannabidiol Hemp Derived Water?

As many know already, the CBD market is continuing to grow, and is becoming a multimillion dollar industry. At the same time, there are numerous claims that various forms of taking CBD are actually proving to be more beneficial. For example, all CBD oil tinctures use carriers, and the most common one is coconut oil for health reasons, but some companies prefer to use hemp seed oil because that way they can use the whole hemp plant. Well, there’s a new infusion in the market, and that’s CBD water. In this post we’re going to talk about hemp derived cannibidiol (CBD) water.

Why Does CBD Water Have Less CBD?

Due to nanotechnology infusion, the CBD water that is on the market allows for maximum delivery of THC to your bloodstream, and it’s absorbed a lot easier than that of CBD oils and tinctures, which means that as soon as you drink it, it starts to work throughout your body and be absorbed. When you take CBD oil tinctures, your body doesn’t absorb all of the CBD like it does with the water, therefore, with the water you actually don’t need as high of a dose of CBD in order to feel the effects sooner. This means that CBD water actually has more bioavailability of CBD itself.

What is CBD Water Like?

When you order CBD water, you’re getting high quality CBD that literally only contains pure CBD isolate derived from hemp plants, so there is no THC, and the product contains no GMO’s or harmful ingredients. Using CBD water can actually also be quickly consumed and it tastes a lot better than CBD oil tinctures, as many people don’t like the flavor of the oils themselves. It basically tastes like mineral water to most people, and you can easily enhance the flavor without harmful chemicals. You can actually simply add lemon and get the benefits of CBD, and lemon water together (which is actually very good for you).

Is CBD Water Safe?

The only downside to CBD water compared to CBD oil is that there are many lab testers and researchers that understand and have more results from research done with CBD oil. The downside to this, is that there aren’t as many people who know much about CBD water, and some researchers think there may be the possibility of getting too much CBD in your body by direct absorption of the water due to its high bioavailability. However, that is why every bottle of CBD water must be carefully infused with the right small dosage to achieve the same results as taking higher doses of CBD oil itself.


If you’re looking for the best waters out there, you can actually hop on over to the NanocraftCBD H20 Water website and take a look at their two 12 packs of water. They come in black cherry energy (infused with a small dose of caffeine and vitamin B12), and cucumber kiwi water which has CBD, BCAA’s, electrolytes and a small but healthy dose of potassium to help you rehydrate and stay hydrated.

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