Have Some Extra Men’s Shirts? Here Are 17 Fun Things To Do With Them

I don’t know why, but I really enjoy wearing my husband’s shirts. I somehow feel better in them. He is always mad about that, but I don’t really care.

Somehow I felt boring in his shirts for the past few days. I want something more. Something different. I think I’m going to ruin his shirts after this.

If he throws me out of the house after this, do you take guests?

All jokes aside, I found something you would want to do.

Buying clothes are always amazing. But, why wear something that others wear when you can craft your own clothes?

You just need an idea (look below) and few old shirts your husband don’t wear anymore.

That’s it.

I assume you already have these “ingredients”. You will find 17 amazing and fun ideas below. The shirts will be transformed into something you won’t want to throw away.

Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you where did you buy these new clothes.

1. Man’s Dress Shirt To Victorian Underbust Corset


Tutorial via makery.uk

2. Shirt/Tie Church Tote

Shirt Tie Church Tote

Tutorial via makeit-loveit.com

3. Men’s Dress Shirt Apron


Tutorial via lovegrowswild.com

4. Men’s Dress Shirt to Super Cute Summer Top

Men's Dress Shirt to Super Cute Summer Top

Tutorial via silverpencils.blogspot.mk

5. Men’s Shirt to Handbag

Men's shirt to handbag

Tutorial via jembellish.blogspot.com.au

6. Men’s Shirt to Sleeveless Top


Tutorial via bywilma.com

7. Upcrafted Wine Bag

Upcrafted Wine Bag

Tutorial via sadieseasongoods.com

8. Jumpsuit Romper


Tutorial via chic-steals.com

9. Rag Wreath


Tutorial via poindextr.wordpress.com

10. From Top To Shorts


Tutorial via makery.uk

11. Flannel Skirt


Tutorial via shescraftyyy.weebly.com

12. Little Girl’s Dress From A Man’s Shirt

Little Girl’s Dress From A Man’s Shirt

Tutorial via littlebuttondiaries.com

13. Shirt Placemat


Tutorial via kittenhood.ro

14. Patched Plaid Shirt


Tutorial via trinketsinbloom.com

15. Men’s Shirt Cushion


Tutorial via sauvages.typepad.com

16. Plaid Rehab


Tutorial via colacolaisland.blogspot.mk

17. 10 Ways to Style a Men’s Shirt


Tutorial via brit.co

And when they ask you, just share this with them. They will be amazed!

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