Hassle-Free Visit To An Island Nation

Fast means of communication have converted the world into a big village. The International community is traveling frequently for trade and commerce. They are no more concentrated in a particular region whether you visit Thailand or Telluride Colorado. Frequent traveling has forced government authorities of various nations to make necessary changes in their existing norms, to adjust to the changing world scenario. ETA Sri Lanka is one of such changes which the Sri Lankan government has made to facilitate international tourism to their country.

How eta is going to facilitate traveling to Sri Lanka?

Eta is the electronic authorization visa for traveling issued by Sri Lankan Immigration authorities. This visa can be applied online provided one has the proper travel documents required for traveling to the country, and a valid passport of the country to which the visa applicant to Sri Lanka belongs. You have to fill the application form for a visa and then pay the fees for the visa and you will receive the eta visa within 72 hours. This is the most convenient form for applying for a visa from far-off places.

Major points of eta to be noticed

As this is the most advanced type of visa issued by the immigration authorities of the island nation, hence, it has certain changes from the regular visa, which you must notice and understood properly which are as follows:

This visa is valid for the time period of three months contrary to six months validity of the regular visa. Similarly, you can stay for 28 days only in the country with an eta visa. With this document, you can travel only by plane or by car during your stay in Sri Lanka. You can get your eta reprinted on plain paper for the purpose of showing when asked by the competent authorities.

Thus, individuals will not only be able to apply for the visa from their country but also can get the visa online from the authorities, without physically visiting the country’s embassy.