How to Make Your Hair Glow Again With This 3 Ingredients Hair Mask

Your hair is another part of your body that needs to stay healthy.

You can’t achieve the high levels of health if you forget about other body parts.

That’s why I have something that will help your hair.

Few weeks ago I made the ultimate list with facemasks just for you.

If you haven’t looked it up, you can find it here.

These 3 ingredients are all natural and you can find them in every healthy store.

When you mix them up together you will get the perfect hair mask.

The main ingredient here is cinnamon.

It will make your hair look lighter.

On top of that you will be able to feel its glow again. It will be softer and more silky than before.

Wait until you feel the smell.

Cinnamon is full with antioxidants and vitamins. This makes it a great hair strengthener.

Women with brown hair will feel the most of the benefits. Their hair could go lighter 2 to 3 shades.

Brunettes should be more patient. You need to repeat the procedure a couple of times.

Thanks to the hair color, achieving some results will be harder for you.

There is nothing to lose if you try this mask, though.

Here are the ingredients for this hair mask:

  •      3 tbsp Honey
  •      3 tbsp cinnamon
  •      5-6 tbsp hair balsam

The preparation process:

  •      Mix the honey and cinnamon in a bowl
  •      Mix the ingredients slowly
  •      When completely mixed, add the hair balsam
  •      Mix again

This mixture should be used once, on long hair. If you have medium hair (to your shoulders) divide this mixture.

How to apply it:

First thing you need to do is wash your hair carefully.

Right after it gets half dry comb it and divide it in strands. Take the mixture carefully with a brush for hair dying and apply the mixture on each strand.

If you find it easier, apply the mixture with your hands and rub it in your hair.

Try not to apply this mixture on your face. You could get slight irritation.

Also, don’t put it on the scalp.

When the mixture is applied, put your hair in a small bun.

Cover it with a plastic bag and wrap it up with a towel.

Let it sit for 30 minutes.

Remove the bag, but keep the plastic bag for additional 4-5 hours on your hair.

Wash it off with hot water.
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The results will surprise you!

Note: If your hair is dry, add 1 tbsp of olive oil to the mixture.

Note 2: This mask has effect on natural hair only, not dyed.

Note 3: It’s natural to get the mild tingling feel.

If you like this hair mask share it with your friends. Let them know what you want to try!

Source: Healthy Life Tricks

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