Guide for Working Women: How Often Do You Need a Thorough House Cleaning?

If you’re a working woman, then you need no introduction to the fact of how difficult it can be to juggle a million responsibilities all at once. You have to make sure that you get to work on time, get everything done that needs to be done, push through and be productive. Once work is over, you have to tend to errands and ensure that you have everything the household needs and also get random errands out of the way. Then when you’re done with that, you have to make sure that everything in your home is in order. Regardless of whether you have a family or not, being a working woman means you have to somehow balance keeping your work in order, and keeping your home clean and perfect, so that you have something to look forward to at the end of the day.

It’s not easy at all. For a woman to find the energy to clean the whole house either early in the morning before work, or after when she’s completely drained, is no easy feat. Not to mention having to cook, doing the laundry, dusting and taking the trash out. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to be this trying. There are actually options out there that can make your life as a working woman so much more convenient and comfortable.

Over the past couple of years, the professional cleaning market has been on the rise, and now there are a fine variety of professional cleaning companies that cater to all kinds of cleaning needs. You may be a bit wary, but if you take Australia as an example, there are many cleaning companies out there that housewives and working women alike rely on to come and clean their homes. You can even find more at to just get an idea of what kind of services they provide. Now that you know that there is this option out there, the question left to answer is, how often do you think you might need to have a thorough cleaning of your home? There are ways to get around getting everything as clean as it should be without having to do so on a daily basis.

The Bedroom

This is where we spend hours upon hours sleeping and this is one of the rooms that most of us feel needs to be thoroughly cleaned the most. The thing is though, while it is advisable to always have the floors cleaned, at least every other day, you’ll be surprised to know that your bedsheet don’t need as regular of a change as you thought. You can wash them between every one to two weeks. The same goes for pillow cases. In regards to the pillows themselves, however, you need to wash those at around 3 month intervals. It would be even better if you made it a habit to get new pillows every 6 months, just to be safe. 

When it comes to the mattress, you need to clean it every 2 months. You can either hire professional cleaners to do this, or sprinkle a bit of baking soda across the surface, leave for a while, then vacuum it off. 

The Bathroom

We know how often we use the bathroom, and how important it is to keep it clean. As a working woman, you want to come home not only to the comfort of your room, but also your bathtub and toilet. Ideally, when it comes to a thorough cleaning, you want to be doing this for both the toilet and the tub once a week. You want to be a bit more attentive when it comes to towels, though. You tend to use hand towels a lot more than bath towels, so give the hand towels a wash every 2 days, and the bath towels between 3 to 4 days at the most.

The Kitchen

This is where we fear attracting all kinds of creepy crawlies and bacteria because there’s food and the possibilities of a mess as well. You definitely want to keep the kitchen counter clean at all times, so you need to thoroughly wipe it down on a daily basis, preferably before you leave the house, before you cook, and right before going to bed. If you don’t have time to wash the dishes, then you need to invest in a dishwasher because it is never a good idea to leave dirty dishes in your sink- not even overnight. Your fridge and your microwave need an intensive cleaning once a month. You can always hire help to do this one for you so that the right products are used as well, and so that you don’t have to get too tired doing it. 

The Living Room

Your carpets are very easy to ignore, but you should have them washed at least once a year or every 6 months. This is besides the fact that it’s advisable that you vacuum at least once a week to keep the dust, crumbs and any kind of odor out. This is especially important if you have pets and children. Get your furniture tended to every 3 months or so, and have professional cleaners come in and do it for you so that the correct products are used and nothing gets ruined.

When you’re a working woman, it’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day issues and errands. This is why it’s going to be so much more comfortable for you to know when exactly certain areas and items in your home need a proper thorough cleaning. Many of these tasks you can take on yourself, on the weekend or during a holiday. And if you don’t feel up to it, then you always have the option of turning to professional cleaners that can come in and do the job for you while you wait and relax! Either way, this makes your life so much easier. You don’t have to kill yourself cleaning the house from top to bottom thoroughly every day. Do some basic dusting and clearing up, and leave the heavy work to when it’s really needed.

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