Group Fitness Classes: Making Fitness Fun When Done

Before saying anything about group fitness classes, we should have an idea of what is a group or who makes a group. So, we can define a group as a set of people or persons who have the same interests and engage in activities that have their common interests. These sets of people commit themselves to work together towards the common goal.

Fitness can be best described as a state of physical and mental health and well-being. It can also be defined as your body’s capacity to work efficiently and effectively in all possible conditions.

What is Group Fitness: 

Group fitness is a type of fitness workout that incorporates and embraces all types and forms of fitness regimes that take place in a group setup. Group fitness is always lead and headed by a fitness coach or a group instructor. Nowadays, gyms and fitness institutes offer a whole range of group fitness classes that includes aerobics, Zumba, strength training, core, cardio, and cycling.

Different Types of Group Workouts:

Aerobics is a high-intensity type of workout that is carried out in the group.

Water aerobics is a type of exercise that is generally done in swimming pools in the waist to neck-high water. The participants may do workouts with the help of weights and floats. It is advisable for people who suffer from joint problems, muscle problems, and arthritis.

Zumba is a traditional dance that uses steps from a variety of different classical dance forms and often carried on Latin music.

Spinning is a type of stationary cycling exercises that in volves alternate low- and high-intensity pedaling with a weighted flywheel.

Kickboxing involves punches, kicks, and lunges for a high-intensity cardio workout.

I am stretching and strengthening workouts.

Yoga is a form of stretching exercise that combines and involves stretching and balancing poses. It is done using controlled breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

Tai chi is a form of workout done in a group that teaches strings of graceful, slow movements in a standing position performed by deep breathing and focused and conscious awareness.

Pilates is low-intensity exercises and stretches done with the help of springs, bands and are focused on strengthening muscles of your body. 

The Advantages of Group Exercise Classes:

  1. Performing in a group exercise class encourages and challenges you to work out beyond your recognized limitations. The instructor knows best about your weaknesses and observes you and your body’s strength and pushes you to move beyond those limits. When you workout in a group, you are motivated to work out harder and push yourself to limits that you have set for yourself, as everyone in the group is working out toward the same goal of fitness.
  2. While working in group fitness classes, you don’t have to think about any strategy or workout plan. The instructor of your group fitness class is structured and conceived with a warm-up session, a balanced workout, and lastly, a cool-down session where your body comes to a normal mode. The warm-up session is carried out to help you get ready for strenuous exercise.
  3. Group exercises promote punctuality and accountability as participants stick to their routines faithfully. They cannot take absenteeism, or else they will lag their group members and may lose some critical session which they cannot afford to do so
  4. Group exercise releases feel-good hormones. Working out in a group promotes rush and compels you to cross your limits to meet with your group member’s limits. It leads to the release of a chemical from your brain called endorphin that reduces pain and makes you feel good about yourself. It also releases one more feel-good hormone called serotonin.
  5. In Group exercise classes, certified trainers train the participants, and participants benefit from their expertise, encouragement, and motivation to exercise in a group. The trainer designs an exercise plan keeping in mind the need of the group members.
  6. Group fitness classes are a synchronized and rhythmic physical activity that helps in elevating the mood of the participants and promotes social bonding and interaction. This social bonding among the group members motivates you to keep coming back again and again for more.

Bottom line:

It is thus noted that group fitness classes are guided by experienced instructors where participants are put through a series of workout plans and strategies to help you find your next level of fitness and bring out the beast within yourself and make you fierce towards the workout regime. Group fitness classes are gaining popularity as it gives each participant the chance to surpass their limits and match with their counterparts. Group fitness classes enhance social interaction and commitment among the group members. They interact with each other about their well-being and get connected emotionally to each other. Group fitness classes also incorporate friendly competition and extra motivation, and it is the place where you can share your struggles and success with fun along with your group members. Group fitness classes are perfect and apt when you are feeling low, or your motivation level drops down.

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