Green Crack Feminized Seeds

The first impression you get when you hear Green Crack feminized seeds is usually riddled with suspicion. Only when you experience its electrifying qualities, do you realize how different this cannabis cultivar is from its namesake.


This hybrid is described as a sativa-heavy marijuana strain and helps you start your mornings with a bang. The combination of euphoria and energy-enhancing capabilities allows you to crush any task you set your mind to.

Green Crack fem seeds have a reputation for producing colossal yields and flowers with high levels of THC. Their link to hip-hop royalty has made them incredibly popular among recreational users.

In this article, we trace back the roots of this illustrious cultivar and find out what makes it a cut above the rest. You’ll also learn how to grow feminized Green Crack seeds and the best place to buy them.

Green Crack feminized seeds description

Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds contain the necessary ingredients to help you rise with the sun and beat fatigue. When successfully grown, these cannabis seeds produce buds with 17–25% THC and the power to lift your spirits.

The effects of this marijuana strain represent pure energy, as they stimulate your body and mind. These buds also offer an element of calm, but not enough to put you to sleep.

The combination of Skunk #1 and a secret indica hybrid led to the creation of the classic feminized Green Crack seeds. Its iconic sativa parent passes down its incredible traits, while these buds get their sweet aroma from their mysterious source.

As far as appearance goes, get ready for these nugs to knock your socks off. The dense flowers are a vibrant green hue, with dazzling orange hairs. As they mature, they develop a thick amber trichome coat that sparkles in the light.

Cultivating feminized Green Crack seeds isn’t ideal for first-time growers. They have a slight resistance to pests and pathogens but still need your undivided attention. Get the conditions right, and you’re looking at potentially massive yields.

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Green Crack feminized effects

A single puff of the weed from feminized Green Crack seeds is all you need to start your day right. These gorgeous buds are particularly potent, pushing out 25% THC and around 0.5% CBD.

Things kick off with a warming buzz in your head that sends you soaring above the clouds. This uplifting sensation washes away any negativity or self-doubt within seconds, helping you see the positivity in any situation.

Thoughts become crystal clear when you have a smoking session with marijuana from Green Crack feminized seeds. You’re able to focus all your attention on the job at hand and ignore pesky disruptions.

Many users also report improved creativity, giving you the tools to think outside the box.

During your energizing high, this cannabis cultivar’s calming capabilities creep into your body. You won’t feel tired or dazed. Instead, you’re able to continue firing on all cylinders while feeling relaxed and at ease.

In fact, there’s no couch-lock at all after smoking cannabis from Green Crack feminized seeds. This marijuana strain’s ability to keep you going makes it a brilliant option to start your day. The possibilities are endless, so take a drag and let your imagination run wild.

While the effects of this potent cannabis cultivar sound appealing, enjoying too much can easily overwhelm your senses. Consuming too much tends to push anyone with a low tolerance over the edge, making them feel paranoid, dizzy, and anxious.

The buds from feminized Green Crack seeds and their intense THC levels can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes. These side effects occur regardless of how much you smoke, but you can combat them by drinking lots of water and keeping eye drops handy.

Green Crack feminized flavors

As Green Crack feminized seeds develop into flowering plants, a truly delightful aroma saturates the air around you. These buds give off a fresh citrus fragrance combined with tropical fruit and an earthy undertone.

These refreshing scents transform on your tongue as a creamy smoke fills every inch of your mouth. You’ll then notice a sweet lemon and mango taste washing over your palate—talk about a healthy breakfast.

The weed from feminized Green Crack seeds has one more trick up its sleeves. As you release the vapor from your lungs, a spicy aftertaste takes over and stains your lips.

This unique aromatic profile found in these stunning flowers is mainly due to a terpene known as Myrcene. It’s one of the most commonly present chemicals in most marijuana hybrids, as well as in mangos, thyme, and lemongrass.

Studies show there is more to this earthy terpene than meets the eye. It’s said to help calm a person’s body and mind, furthering the benefits of cannabis from Green Crack feminized seeds.

How to germinate Green Crack feminized seeds

The first step to lush, healthy cannabis plants involves germinating your feminized Green Crack seeds. A quick Google search displays multiple ways to get your weed garden started, but not all the options provide equal results.

The first germination method you can use involves planting your marijauna seeds straight into soil. It emulates the natural lifecycle and is by far the safest technique available for beginners. The only problem is that this method takes ten days to start working.

If time isn’t on your side, you can speed things up by germinating your Green Crack fem seeds with the shot glass technique. You can expect to start seeing results in a single day, but there’s a catch.

Leaving your cannabis seeds in a glass of water can expose them to temperature shock. It’s best to leave this technique to the professionals, as getting it wrong can permanently damage your crops.

Don’t fret, as there’s another way to germinate your Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds quickly and safely. A simple process called the wet paper towel technique ensures success in less than five days.

The best part about this technique is that anyone can do it, even if it’s your first time growing cannabis. All you need is a few common household items to get started. Once you’ve got your feminized Green Crack seeds, grab the following tools:

  • A purified bottle of water
  • Two sheets of paper towel
  • One ceramic plate
  • Tweezers

After collecting all the components, follow these steps to germinate your Green Crack feminized seeds:

  1. Completely wet your paper towels with a clean bottle of water.
  1. Squeeze out both sheets gently, removing any excess liquid but leaving them moist.
  1. Lay one wet piece of paper towel flat on a non-paper dinner plate.
  1. Grab your tweezers and place your Green Crack fem seeds on top of the moist piece of paper towel. Remember not to use your hands in order to keep everything sterile.
  1. After spreading out your marijuana seeds, place the other moist piece of paper towel over the top of them.
  1. Put the plate in a cupboard without any lights and leave it there.
  1. Monitor the moisture levels of your feminized Green Crack seeds during this process, ensuring they don’t become dry. If the sheets start to look stale, you can pour some extra liquid over them.
  1. After five days, your cannabis seeds will develop a taproot, signaling that they’re ready for the next step.
  1. Use tweezers again to transplant your Green Crack feminized seeds into the growing medium of your choice.

Green Crack feminized seeds grow information

When it comes to growing Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds, it helps to have some experience behind you. It’s not impossible for a beginner to raise healthy crops, but this cannabis strain can get challenging at points.

On the plus side, these plants are able to resist mold and pests, to a degree, allowing you to cultivate outdoors. If you choose to go the al fresco route, plant your marijuana seeds in a spot that receives loads of sunshine.

You need to get into the habit of pruning the crops produced by feminized Green Crack seeds. This technique is important as it helps increase the airflow around your weed plants, helping you avoid bud rot. It also forces nutrients to newer sections for better production.

As for growing mediums, the choice is yours. A hydroponics setup allows you to control the mineral intake of your crops. This option is also brilliant for accelerating their growth rate.

Soil is also a reliable choice for your Green Crack feminized marijuana seeds as it boosts your crop’s immune systems. It’s also known to enhance the flavor and fragrance of your buds, making it the preferred method for cannabis connoisseurs.

Raising Green Crack feminized seeds indoors offers a few advantages. For starters, you can grow weed all year round. For optimal results, maintain a temperature of 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit.

These plants can reach over six feet, so training is required to keep their size manageable.

You can implement the Screen of Green technique along with topping your crops to accomplish this goal. This method encourages your plants to grow out laterally, and develop more flowers on the branches.

Once your Green Crack feminized seeds have sprouted and vegetated, they’ll require another 7–9 weeks to flower. After this period, you can start harvesting your weed,  expecting yields of as much as 21 oz./m².

Growing these cannabis seeds outside requires a Mediterranean climate if you hope to see the optimal results. Aim to have your feminized Green Crack seeds in the ground before the end of April.

You can then start harvesting your crops in September if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. Under the right conditions, you can look forward to yields as much as 42 ounces per plant.

Green Crack feminized seeds genetics

Although Green Crack fem seeds have become incredibly popular, their true origin remains a mystery even today. They first entered the market under a different title but received a new name after Snoop Dogg got his hands on them.

Skunk #1 is the only confirmed parent that was involved in this marijuana mashup, passing down its legendary traits. It’s said that a secret indica hybrid was used as the second piece of the puzzle for this cannabis cultivar.

Whatever the secret ingredient is in Green Crack feminized seeds, it managed to subdue the notorious aroma from Skunk #1. Luckily, this mysterious hybrid didn’t alter any of its sativa counterpart’s iconic effects.

This cannabis combination also resulted in a high level of cannabinoids in the dried flowers. You can expect these nugs to hold 17–25% THC and around 0.5% CBD.

Breeders took things to the next level when they altered the genetics of these cannabis seeds, removing any Y-chromosomes. Without the worry of males from Green Crack feminized seeds, there’s no chance of cross-pollination.

The increased germination rates gave cultivators more to smile about and earned this cultivar a spot in the annals of weed history.

These buds won an award in 2017 at the High Times Cannabis Cup, confirming the hype around this herb. Rolling Stones magazine also named it as one of the marijuana strains of the year in 2017.

Where to buy Green Crack feminized seeds

These days it’s not hard getting your hands on a bag of feminized Green Crack seeds. The only issue is finding a reliable source that sells quality products at an affordable price.

Before you purchase anything cannabis-related, make sure marijuana is legal in your state.

You can start looking for Green Crack fem seeds at your neighborhood weed store. You’re able to meet new people at these stores and discuss the best ways to grow your stash.

The only real disadvantage with land-based dispensaries is the inadequate storage facilities. There’s no guarantee your Green Crack feminized seeds will even germinate.

If you want to avoid disappointment, your best bet is to visit an online seed bank. There are a few trustworthy options available, but we suggest you visit the website of our choice first.

Here, you’ll discover a plethora of marijuana strains for sale, including Green Crack feminized seeds. You’ll also have access to an abundance of educational material backed by industry-leading experts for free.

Choose from a variety of payment methods and request discreet delivery with a click of a button. It’s that easy.

Your personal ray of sunshine

Start off your day with confidence and experience the joys of life with Green Crack feminized seeds. This highly sought-after cannabis cultivar offers its one-of-a-kind wake and bake qualities and asks nothing from you in return.

Remember to enjoy these delicious buds in small quantities, to begin with, as its 25% THC can easily become overwhelming.

Almost anyone can raise feminized Green Crack seeds with enough determination and care. The more you look after your crops, the better your buds are when harvest season rolls around.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Homegrown Cannabis Co. today to get your quality batch of Green Crack feminized seeds.