Green Cleaners Are Better for Your Family

Have you heard celebrities talking about green cleaning products yet? Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba have both defended their use in the past. But celebrities can be out of touch sometimes, and a lot of them seem to be in favor of anything green, regardless of context.

But as the title shows, this article is in favor of green cleaning products too. And that’s for very practical, down to earth reasons. Read on if you care to learn those reasons. You can also check out this link.

Better for your kids

Children get sick, there is no going around it. They get the flu, they have random fevers and headaches, it just happens. However, even if we can’t avoid it, we can reduce the potential causes of health problems.

You probably see where this is going. Yes, harsh cleaning products are bad for the health of children. Well, they are bad for everyone’s health. But kids and pets are at a higher risk. Their smaller size means it takes fewer chemicals to get them sick. Furthermore, small kids and pets alike stand much closer to the floor, where proximity makes the chemicals easier to inhale.

One way to reduce the effect of harsh chemicals is to take the kids out of the room — or the house — before you clean. Also make sure to always clean in an open room with good airflow, since harsh chemicals contain harmful volatile compounds that can linger in the air for hours after you are done cleaning.

Or you can just use natural cleaning products. Then your only concern will be not spraying your kids straight in the eyes. The second option sounds much safer, doesn’t it?

Allergies? Green products are a must

If any family member has a history of respiratory problems, then you need to be very careful using harsh cleaning products. The aforementioned volatile components found in these products are known to both trigger old allergies and cause new ones. They can even give children asthma attacks. None of that is a concern with natural cleaning products.

Safer to use

It doesn’t matter who takes care of the cleaning in your house, green products are always safer to handle. They aren’t so inert that you can drink them, but compared to the alternatives, they are much safer.

Accidents happen, so it’s good to keep in mind what is the worst that can happen. In other words, how failsafe are the products being used?

Maybe your son is nice enough to volunteer to clean the house, or maybe your daughter did something wrong and cleaning the house is her punishment. Regardless of the case, it’s much easier to relax and let them work when you know the worst that can happen to them is some minor skin irritation, which is the case for natural products.

Meanwhile, both bleach and ammonia can blind you, and they are very commonly used in cleaning products. Worst yet, if your child inadvertently mixes products that contain the two, the result may land them in the hospital. Not having products like that in your house is much safer.

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