Great Ways to Lessen Anxiety

Today, the number of people experiencing stress and anxiety has continued to rise. According to Healthline Magazine, about 70 percent of Americans say they feel stressed up daily. Some even experience the adverse effects of stress which are characterized by symptoms such as nervousness, tension, a racing heart, and chest pains. If not regulated, this condition can lead to severe damages to one’s body. Without saying much, here are some professional tips to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

1. Exercise

Over the past, exercising has been associated with weight management and the exercising of muscles. The two practices are essential when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The fantastic is that working out can also help reduce anxiety. From an expert’s perspective, regular exercises help lower hormones such as cortisol, a stress hormone. Also, stretching your body and muscles help release the right hormones, as well, and thus improving your mood.

Therefore, you must cease from missing a gym session for the sake of your physical health, as well as, mental health. You don’t necessarily need to go lifting weights in a gym. Workouts such as yoga, jogs, walks, and cycling are also suitable forms of exercise. The fantastic thing about these workouts is that they involve repetitive movements of large muscle groups and thus a successful anxiety relief.

2. Light a candle

Lighting a candle to relieve may seem like a joke, and many people find it hard to accept that it works. Well, burning a scented candle may work magic in reducing your feelings while relieving your stress and anxiety levels. Most scented candles offers a soothing environment which is essential when it comes to relieving stress. You can try out candles scented with the following; lavender, rose, bergamot, neroli, sandalwood, and orange blossom.

3. Reduce your caffeine consumption

Caffeine is a stimulant commonly found in coffee, tea, as well as, energy drinks. It’s advisable to start your day with a mug of coffee or tea as the caffeine in it helps stimulate your brain. In return, the caffeine leaves your mind wide awake and ready to handle the daily hustles and bustles in the office. However, excessive consumption can trigger anxiety. According to health experts, caffeine threshold varies from one person to another. Thus, if you realize that a few cups of coffee make you anxious, it’s advisable to reduce the intake or even quit.

4. Keep a journal

One of the most successful ways to reduce anxiety is by writing down all your stress. According to psychologists, writing down what’s happening around you feels like a problem half solved. When it comes to jotting down your mind, you must also include the good things about your life. Writing down what you’re grateful for helps remind you that you’re a remarkable person and thus relieving the anxiety in hand. Therefore, it’s advisable to keep the journal of your thoughts and try to concentrate on the positive things.

5. Cannabidiol oil/ essential oils

In the recent past, the use of cannabidiol oil to relieve anxiety has continued to gain popularity. This oil is a derivative of the cannabis plant. According to Buy It CBD, this oil is different from other forms of marijuana because it doesn’t contain tetrahydrocannabinol, a substance that gets you, high. CBD oil can be found easily without a prescription and has excellent potential to reduce anxiety and panic.

CBD oil can be used alongside essential oils which are also known to be stress reducers. Essential oils, extracts from plants, have been used for the past thousands of years to treat various conditions, including anxiety. Therefore, you can apply the two oils directly to your body as they help activate certain areas of the brain and hence releasing the feel-good hormones. It is recommended to use fresh scented oils for the best results.

6. Chew gum

Now and then, chewing of gums has been associated with being arrogant because it can easily switch your mind from the present. However, the same chewing gum has been termed as one of the easiest and quickest ways to relieve stress. Not long ago, a study revealed that individuals who chewed gum daily experienced less stress and had a great sense of well being. A piece of chewing gum is also known to trigger brain waves similar to those of a relaxed person and hence a stress-free individual. Besides, eating a pack of gum is known to boost the flow of blood to your brain, which is needed when it comes to relieving anxiety.

7. Reach out

Family and friends are essential components, especially during those stressing moments. When experiencing anxiety and stress, it’s advisable to reach out to your close friends and family. You don’t necessarily need to share with them what you’re going through. A simple beer or dinner, hang out with people who care about you lets you forget what’s going on around you.

Besides, speaking with friends provides you with opinions and ideas that may be a solution to your stress. Therefore, you should never turn down dinner dates from friends or family because you’re anxious. There is never a perfect moment to link up with people closer in your circle.

8. Get adequate sleep

A healthy adult should get at least 5-8 hours of sleep daily. However, bearing in mind the busy schedules, many people find it hard even to have four hours of sleep daily. Lack of enough sleep has adverse effects on your overall health and can lead to anxiety. During sleep, both your body and mind rest and charge up to handle the following day’s hustles and bustles on the streets.

Therefore, failure to sleep well means a tired and anxious you come the following morning. Also, during sleep, your body system releases the feel-good hormones, which help reduce anxiety as they trigger good moods. You must, therefore, ensure, that you get enough sleep time and in a comfortable environment.

9. Music

As they say, music is food for the soul, and it hits the mind so hard, but no pain is felt. Yes, that’s the power of music and can be enhanced to help relieve anxiety. Now and then, music has been used in yoga and meditation sessions as it has a soothing effect on oneself. You can also use music to calm down your anxiety.

Some slow-paced instrumentals, smooth music and nature sounds are known to be the best anxiety relievers. Thus, you can download a playlist and get the music to work on your behalf. According to psychologists, it’s advisable to go with a list of music that you enjoy listening as it’s more effective as compared to a random playlist.

Although the cases of stress and anxiety are common, you shouldn’t allow the condition to cause more harm to your daily routines. As explained in this article, there are many ways to reduce anxiety. Read through each one of the tips to understand how the tricks work magic.

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