Great Vacation Ideas

You know what you could use? A vacation. You work hard. You’re proud of what you do, but everyone needs a break. Vacations, experts say, are good for both our mental and physical health. They lower our stress levels and, when we return to our work, school, and/or personal lives, they make us more productive.

So don’t be one of the many Americans who leaves vacation days on the table at the end of each year. You should use yours. All you need is something to do.

Out of ideas? No problem. You’ll find some great vacation ideas below, including timeless classics and fun new twists. Which one is right for you?

Hit the road

Few vacations feel as classically American as the road trip. Our nation is crisscrossed by roads and highways, and many of them offer beautiful sights between stops at fascinating small towns, big cities, and natural wonders.

Want a twist on the classic road trip? Change up your vehicle. A motorcycle is a great choice, provided you’re comfortable riding one. And if you’re taking a big trip on your bike, that gives you the perfect excuse to buy all of those accessories for motorcycles that you’ve been eyeing. Just be sure that you pay enough attention to the maintenance of your bike and to the safety gear that will protect you while you’re on the road. Once you’re on your big trip, you don’t want to have to worry about anything but enjoying yourself.

Not comfortable on a bike? Then you could consider other options, like renting an RV.

The ultimate staycation

You’ve probably heard of a “staycation” — the vacation that you take without going anywhere at all. You may have thought that it sounded pretty lame. And, in the case of many staycations, you’d be right. It’s all too easy for a staycation to become a wasteful week of sloth and drudgery.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You can do your staycation right. You just have to follow a few basic tips.

First, remember that this is a vacation — essentially, you’re a tourist in your own city. So what should you see? Now is the perfect time to finally do all of those touristy things that you’ve been meaning to (or, perhaps, have been avoiding). Get out there and get moving. See some sights and partake in some activities! Don’t forget to treat yourself, either. A spa day is just the thing for a great staycation.

Meanwhile, you may want to “unplug.” If you were vacationing in the wilderness or in a far-flung nation, you’d be hard to reach. So why not replicate that at home by turning your phone off for a while? It will make your staycation more relaxing.

Finally go to Hawaii

Is there any place on Earth that Americans dream about visiting more than Hawaii? It’s time to start putting off your big trip. Sure, you’ll have to save up a bit, but don’t assume that a Hawaii vacation is out of your financial reach. There are a lot of ways to save big if you are smart about planning your Hawaiian vacation, explain Hawaiian tourism experts.

One key is to book ahead. If you want to take those surfing lessons or hit that luau in Maui, make your move now! Planning early will also mean a less stressful planning experience — and a better vacation, too.

Was your dream vacation to somewhere other than Hawaii? That’s OK: Just fill in the blank. Now is the time. Take the trip! You deserve it.

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