Great Gifts for Your Skincare Obsessed Friends

We all have that one friend that’s entirely obsessed with skincare. They have an eight-step routine, complete with all sorts of different serums, spot treatments, and creams. When you come to them asking for suggestions, you have to be prepared to receive an extensive list.

So when it comes to giving them a gift, you want to make sure you get them something you know they’ll love. And obviously, that’s skincare.

But how do you know what to get the skincare-obsessed friend that seems to have everything? We’ve put together a list just for you.

Hydration Mist

Chances are, your skincare-obsessed friend already has a daily regimen that they live by. So it’s no use getting them a new cleanser or moisturizer because they already know what they like.

If you want to think outside of the box and get your friend something that they don’t already have but will definitely like, look for something fun like a mist. 

A good hydration mist can provide them with a refreshing, cooling experience that they can enjoy. They can use a hydration mist any time of the day and as many times as they want, so you can be sure they’re getting plenty of use out of their gift.

The best part is that a hydration mist is suitable for all skin types, so whether they have parched skin or oily, breakout-prone skin, they can benefit from a nice hydration mist.

Jade Roller

Jade rollers have been all the rage in the skincare community lately. 

They’re made up of a handle and then a jade, quartz, or crystal roller. You can use the roller on your face and neck.

The jade roller works by stimulating circulation and boosting collagen production. It is known to plump skin and reduces swelling. 

Many people appreciate this roller because it’s all-natural and doesn’t contain any sort of ingredients that could be irritating to your skin. This makes it a great gift for that skincare lover in your life.

Plus, it’s just really cute.

Mini Travel Set

Have you ever seen your friend bring their entire extensive skincare regimen with them for a weekend trip? It takes up half of their packing space. But they just can’t go a day without their products.

That’s where you can come to save the day. Buy your friend a lightweight mini travel set so that they don’t have to worry about carrying so many products every time.

With a quality mini travel set like one from One Ocean Beauty, you can get them a full set of high-quality products that you know they’ll appreciate. Plus it saves suitcase space.

Detoxifying Mask

After the past year we’ve all had, we could all use a little bit of detoxification.

On top of the pollution, the weather, the sun, and whatever our diet consists of, it takes a toll on our skin.

By giving your friend the gift of a nice, detoxifying face mask, you give them a fresh opportunity to relax and clean it all out.

Skincare Mini Fridge

For the true skincare lover, you’re going to want to bring in the big guns. Instead of getting them a new product, why not get them a fancy new way to keep their skincare?

There are plenty of mini-fridges out there made just for skincare products. Pick one in a cute color so they can keep it all cool.

Be Your Skincare-Obsessed BFF’s Hero

The next time you need to get a thoughtful gift for your skincare-obsessed friend, consider getting them a skincare product just as unique as they are.