Great Gifts for your Pets

Take a beautiful photo of your cat and consider having it painted into a piece of art that you can hang on your wall. Put a pretty collar on the cat before you take the photograph, the color can also be a wonderful gift for your cat. If you have any family members that are really cat lovers it can make a great gift. Take a photo of their cat and surprise them by hiring Paint your life to paint a one of a kind painting of their cat.

You can even customize the art and ask for things like a shed to be painted in the background behind the pet. Or any other kind of background they might like or you might like to incorporate into the painting that is a gift. Choose the frame to go with the decor of your house or apartment. There are so many different sizes to go with depending on personal taste and the space in one’s home. Whether they want it standing on a desk or wall table and or possibly hanging on a wall.

Donating is always a great option and thing to do, consider commissioning cat portraits and donating it to a children’s hospital.

The beach can make a fantastic backdrop for scenergy in your pet’s photo. That will transform into a masterpiece of scenergy, including your loved cat in the painting.

People often take their pets to see Santa clauses and have pictures taken with Old Saint Nick. The owner can hold their cat and or pet so they are well behaved for their picture. That also incorporates you into the wonderful photo with your pet and Santa Clause. Those pictures can be transformed into things like holiday cards. Even better, it can be transformed into original pieces of fine art for the home.

If you own a black cat you could have a Halloween backdrop for a seasonal photo, including your favorite cat in the month of October. Basically, all holidays are an option for a pet painting turned from a photograph. The Easter bunny would make an adorable and cute painting, perhaps for your kids. Thanksgiving would make another great painting. Have a pilgrim in the background or maybe a turkey, just be careful with your cat around the turkey when you take the picture. Or the turkey could become Thanksgiving dinner! New Years’ eve is another great opportunity for a photo, get your pet or cat a New Year celebration hat, and have that picture painted. Including your cat in a bar mitzvah or wedding photo could be hit. Buy them a color with flowers on it matching the girls in the bridal party or a color matching the colors in your bar mitzvah celebration. Again, take a great photo including the animal, and maybe yourself and commission paint your life to make it happen. A christening photo with a little hat on your cat and your baby would be a cute picture turned painting. All of these things and props for photos make great gifts for cats. Stocking stuffers are a great place to give cat toys, treats, and items for these pictures. Be sure to have your pet’s name embroidered on the stocking which can make an adorable painting, as a backdrop for another idea.

All of these paintings and ideas would be great in a child’s bedroom and or playroom. In summary, your cat is just part of the family and deserves the best when it comes to memories. Painting your life by transforming photos into memories in fine art paintings is a wonderful way to make it all come true.


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