GPS to Track Children and Dogs – Ensure the Safety of Your Loved Ones

The other day I installed a GPS tracker for car in my wife’s car and another in my two-year-old diaper bag and left him with the babysitter. I still had some trackers left, so I put one in my parents’ vehicle when they took my son to the park.

Espionage was only meant to be an experiment, but I still felt guilty.

Those little gadgets work by connecting to GPS satellites and mobile networks to track people and report their location. I can search the trackers on the Internet, either on the web or through an application for mobile phones. You can also configure the sending of alerts. If my wife’s car left the office parking lot during the day or my parents’ vehicle exceeded the speed limit, I received a warning through a text message.

There are defensible uses of these devices. Some parents use personal GPS tracker to make sure that their children go to school and return safe and sound. There is also the case of the elderly. And let’s not forget the dog: with a tracker you can know if he leaves the yard.

GoFindMe GPS Tracker with No Monthly Fee

One of the companies that offer devices is GoFindMe GPS Tracker, founded by a businessman who lost his three-year-old son in an amusement park for a few hours. Your tracker reminds a bit of a search. The CEO, says that most customers buy the device for children between two and 10 years: they are old enough to move, but too small to carry a mobile. However, at the press of a button, your child can send a text message or initiate a voice call, and you can also connect to the search and listen to your surroundings.

The configuration and use of GoFindMe GPS Tracker seems extremely simple. The company’s website, which allows you to configure and control the tracker, is well designed and intuitive, and its applications for iPhone and Android also work properly. GoFindMe GPS Tracker offers more customizable options than any other child tracking system I have tried: there is the possibility of receiving an alert every time your child approaches within 150 meters of an address that appears in the aggressor databases sexual.

The price of GoFindMe is $199 with no monthly fee, which would save you a lot, since the monthly fee can add up to a large amount of cost.

Securus eZoom Tracking Device

The Securus eZoom is a bit larger than the GoFindMe and does not include some features of that device, but it is cheaper. The eZoom costs $ 99.99, and the monthly plan, 19.99. If they pay two years at a stroke, the price is reduced to $ 12.99 per month.

Securus also manufactures the eCare- for the elderly who require medical attention. In addition to tracking, it has a button that makes a voice call to an emergency switchboard. The eCare is priced at $99.99, with a monthly service plan of $29.99.

There is also a GPS device designed to follow oneself. The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, which costs $ 119.99 and requires a $ 99 annual contract, is aimed at adventurous people who often move away from civilization. If they are in an emergency situation in a place without mobile phone coverage, they can alert rescue services to their location. They can also send a message to confirm to their friends that they are well and they can track their progress on a map. The SPOT has allowed dozens of bailouts.

Securus and GoFindMe services allow them to control multiple trackers. The CEOs of both companies say that GPS tracking can help parents avoid being overly protective.

GoFindMe and Securus recommend that parents do not hide trackers from their children, as they work best if children know they can use them to notify their parents in case of an emergency. Privacy becomes more important for children when they grow up. “If parents make a pact – ‘you can use the car if we install a locator’ – most teenagers won’t mind,” says Chris Newton, CEO of Securus.

Neither GoFindMe nor Securus markets their products for people who want to invade the privacy of others. Both require at least a one-year service contract, but why sign for 12 months if you only want to know your spouse’s whereabouts for a few weeks?

Rocky Mountain Tracking – Rental GPS

With that customer in mind, Rocky Mountain Tracking, a GPS manufacturer, recently created a monthly rental plan for their personal tracking device called Ghost Rider. For $ 99.95 a month they provide the device and a service plan without a contract. The device can be used as desired, as long as the law is complied with. Gary Whitney of Rocky Mountain says: “Sometimes, people – usually women – feel guilty for using it, but not enough to stop buying it. ”

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