Got Some Extra Clothespins? Here Are 20 Creative And Handy Ways To Use Them

I didn’t know clothespins can be this useful. I was using them just for their primary use. To hang clothes.

It seems like you can “enlist” the rest of the clothespins. You know, those that are left in the basket. Lonely.

All jokes aside. These creative and handy ways how you can use the clothespins really opened my eyes. It’s amazing how people can think of something like this.

I mean, every person can find what it needs the most here. Starting with markers and ending with wreaths. Instead losing the unused pins, you can now make them very useful around the house, in your office, in your kids’ rooms, etc.

Without further ado, let me show you all the creative things you can do.

Feel free to think of something new and share it with us. I hope these ideas will “wake up” your innovative mind.

1. Clothespin Markers

clthespin markers

Tutorial via

2. Ribbon Organizers


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3. Clothespin Planters

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4. Butterfly Treats

Butterfly Treats

Tutorial via

5. Tidy Tights


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6. Garden Markers

Easy plant marker idea - Turn clothespins into cute garden markers with washi tape

Tutorial via

7. Clothespin Airplanes


Tutorial via

8. Place Holders


Tutorial via

9. Clothespin Cross

Clothespin Cross

Tutorial via

10. Clothespin Trivet

Clothespin Halves Trivet

Tutorial via

11. Clothespin Bunnies


Tutorial via

12. Headphone Organizer

Headphone Organizer

Tutorial via

13. Photo Displays


Tutorial via

14. Secret Message Peg


Tutorial via

15. Toothpaste Tube Holder

Toothpaste tube holder

Tutorial via

16. Accessory Hanger


Tutorial via

17. Wedding Clothespin  Cake Topper


Tutorial via

18. Clothespin Chandelier


Tutorial via

19. Peggy Mirror


Tutorial via

20. Double Row Wreath


Tutorial via

Great. I already sent my kids to the nearest store to get me clothespins. I’m about to do all of these amazing ideas!

Don’t forget to let your friends know about these ideas. Share it with them. They will thank you later!

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