Give Your Living Room A Cozy Feel This Winter

As the cold temperature approach, we look forward to spending more time indoors in cozy living rooms or bedrooms. We could be watching our favorite TV shows, movies, reading books while sipping our hot chocolate drinks in our favorite hang out place in our home. Alternatively, we could be warming ourselves under the heavy blankets or near the fire. Achieving the cozy feel doesn’t require a lot of effort and money once you figured out the right ways. 

Below are the basics you need to know for achieving the cozy feel of your living room which will warm you up.


The winter color is pale and pastel so avoid to decorate this way as your place might feel colder. Choose the right color palette which can instantly warm up the room. Infuse your living room decor with red, emerald, burgundy and metallics. A living room with these colors would make it feel festive.

Pillows and warm fabrics

You can consider changing your upholstery colors to dark blue, deep maroon and magenta, which can add a cozy feeling. Next would be fluffy throw pillows and add some other textures like faux fur and velvet for blankets. These elements make the living room winter ready and welcoming comfort. You can also add knitted blankets in the seating area, don’t forget oversized pillows and fluffy fur rugs on the floor. Now, imagine yourself lying in your living room with your favorite book in your hand.


Next on your list in your winter preparation is to clean your fireplace. Ensure that this is safe and ready to use. You have to sweep the chimney, check for any abnormalities, damages, inspect the gasket material and a lot more. If you don’t want these hassles, you can opt for electric fireplace TV stand. It is a media center for your TV that also acts as a source of heating with an electric fireplace in the center that plugs in or is wired in. There are reviews and recommendations with listed features as your buying guide that you can find online. Fireplace brings warmth and comfort in a cold winter’s night, which would make your living room a cozy environment.

Candles and fairy lights

If you love candles, winter is the perfect time to make use of them to achieve the cozy feeling of the room. You can choose from different scents or simply select the winter scents and place them in a candle holder or lanterns. Just make sure to place it in a safe area if you have a cute little toddler who is curious about everything. Another option you can consider is getting those lovely fairy lights as your soft lights to promote an ambiance even more welcoming.

Plants and more green decors

Bring some greenery in your home to make it more refreshing and lively at the same time. Put some corner plants in your living area or you may arrange greenery decors in your walls or table. Plants would help bring oxygen in your home and can make it more comforting. It would complement and add up in the cozy feel you want to achieve.

Decorating your place is a fun and exciting thing to do. Take your time to gauge yourself what you really want in terms of the colors, the designs and what your heart truly desires. Home is everyone’s happy place, away from stress and gives you the relaxation you need for the day to day battle.

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  1. For a home to feel cozy, it needs to be comfortable and relaxing for you. A very easy way to incorporate that feeling of ‘cozy’ is through adding warmth and vitality into your space. Furnish in soft fabrics and incorporate accessories such as flowers, plants, fluffy rugs, artistic wall art. Add warm soft lighting through floor lamps or fairy lights. Use textures such as cable knit rugs or silk accent pillows to add the final finishing touches. Thanks. Your information is very useful.

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