Give Your Bathroom a Masculine Vibe With These Design Ideas

Whether you’re a guy who’s just moving out on his own and wants his bathroom to be as stylish as possible or maybe you’re a house owner who’s just looking to make his bathroom a little more guy-friendly, designing a bathroom can seem like a challenge. But fear not, with a few simple tips you can make your bathroom into a second man cave in no time flat. Getting the right color scheme for your bathroom is a great first step; pick out some strong colors and you can’t go wrong. Next, you have to organize your bathroom in an effective way; there are plenty of products to help you accomplish this. Finally, place some nice manly art in the room to put the whole vibe together. 

This article will go over these tips so you can get some ideas before redesigning your bathroom.


Every great looking bathroom starts with the right color for the room. Try to go for darker earthy tones like dark grays, beige or dark browns. These colors will look exceptionally good if you have or plan to include wood or stone accents in the room. This will give your room a nice rustic look but will also give it a nice relaxing vibe. If you want your bathroom to be a little more showy try to go for a more vibrant dark colors like maroon, navy blue or dark purple. These colors will still give the room an energetic, masculine look but can also go well with plenty of different accessories. For example, if you go for navy blue add some brass washroom fixtures to give the room a classy look like an old school barber shop. Having an exposed brick wall in conjunction with more vibrant colors can also make your bathroom look more modern, but make sure to treat the brick so that it’s waterproof! For the flooring, stone tiles or lacquered wood panels will go long ways in making your bathrooms look like it’s fit for a king but will also be easy to keep clean. If you want a more hipster looking bathroom floor try to get some vintage tiles or repurposed wood that’s been treated. Finally, make sure to buy some nice earth toned or pure white towels; with these you’ll have a bathroom with a color scheme that will rival the finest hotels in Europe.


No one likes a messy bathroom and keeping a bathroom clean can be a lot to ask for some guys but luckily there are easy solutions for keeping your bathroom tidy. A good first step is to find a place for all your hygiene and cleaning products in your bathroom so that they aren’t scattered everywhere. Make your to only have the essentials on your sink like soap and maybe a sturdy looking essential oil dispenser, all other products need to be stored away in a convenient spot. This should be the same for the area around your toilet. If you don’t have a mirror cabinet you should invest in one, try getting made out of dark wood with a square mirror to bring some sophistication and organization to your room at the same time. Your bathtub/shower area should also be organized so make sure to find space for your shampoo and body wash on your shower/bathroom ledge. If your bathtub or shower doesn’t have a ledge you should try to get an attachable shower caddy which you can put on the wall. According to the experts at getting the right shower caddy can make showering a lot more convenient while adding a nice touch of masculinity at the same time. If you’re looking to get a new bathtub for your new design project try to get a vintage tub or if you’re looking at showers try to get a nice glass one; these features will give your room a stylish look.

Art and Decor

Adding some art to your bathroom can make it feel more homey and can bring out the room’s design as a whole. If you want a masculine look try adding a framed, signed sports jersey you own or a vintage landscape painting. If you want your bathroom to reflect your playful side try adding a print of dogs playing poker or an out-there piece of abstract art; these pieces will be a great focal point to your room. Having a house plant in your bathroom can be a great idea especially if you decided to paint the room in earthy tones; try placing the plant on the windowsill so as to not clutter up the room.

Redesigning your bathroom can be a great way to bring new life into an old space. To give your bathroom a strong manly look first select a solid earthy or dark colored paint for the room. Next, organize your room to make it look and keep it looking crisp; buy extra organizational hardware if required. Finally, pick out some art or a plant to bring the whole room together. Now you’re ready to have a bathroom that’ll be the envy of all the guys down at your local bar.

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