Give The Perfect Valentine’s Treat With One Of These 14 Lovely DIY Gift Boxes

It’s Valentines’s Day everyone. I mean, not yet. But it’s coming, though.

For me, Valentine’s Day mean spending the day with my husband. We usually drink the morning smoothie together. Then, we go out for shopping. We give each other the presents we DIY’ed right before dinner. And we dine with a great glass of wine for a perfect ending of the day.

This year maybe it will be different. I can see him “cooking” something for me. I learned something during these days. My kids are really hard to break. I know they know what’s happening, but they are not telling me.

What can I do when the “Inspector” in me wants to find out everything and ruin the surprise, eventually.

Looking for cute ideas on the Internet I collected 14 lovely DIY gift boxes you could use. They are really easy to make and I made sure I included the tutorial below the pictures.

So, let’s see what you can make:

1. Hugs And Kisses Treat Box

hugs and kisses 10

Tutorial via

2. Valentine’s Box


Tutorial via

3. Pizza Heart Gift Box


Tutorial via

4. Easy Origami Candy Boxes


Tutorial via

5. Free Valentine’s Treat Boxes Printables


Tutorial via

6. Tissue Paper Flower Gift Box


Tutorial via

7. Mini Jam Jars Treat Boxes


Tutorial via

8. Petal Box


Tutorial via

9. Fabric Wrapped Gift Boxes

Tutorial via

10. Sweet As Pie Printable Valentines


Tutorial via

11. Folded Paper Box


Tutorial via

12. Love Bug Valentine Craft


Tutorial via

13. Conversation Heart Chocolate Boxes


Tutorial via

14. Heart Pinata Box


Tutorial via

I can see lots of chocolate “hidden” in these boxes.

Don’t forget to share these awesome ideas with your friends. They have Valentine’s too.

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