Give the Gift of BluTiger this Holiday Season

With holidays upon us, there is no end to great ideas for gifts. As you map out your shopping and look at all the names that have made it onto your holiday gift list you want to be sure and get not only something that your loved ones will enjoy but something that will actually help them. This has never been easier than with the BluTiger compact, seated elliptical!

What is a Compact Seated Elliptical?

A compact seated elliptical is a low-impact cardio device that can fit seamlessly into your day. It’s composed of three main parts, a center compartment, and a base along with two pedals. If you have ever used an elliptical then you are familiar with the highly beneficial, low impact cardio services that these incredible machines can bring to your workout routine. With the BluTiger you get all the efficiency of an elliptical in the convenience of your home! 

This small, compact device can fit effortlessly into almost any setting. Designed specifically to be used while sitting down, the BlueTiger elliptical can transform your time in front of the TV, reading a book, or even working on emails into a calorie-burning workout! 

No More Excuses to Not Pursue the Fitness You Deserve

In today’s fast-paced world it’s no wonder that the number one excuse holding most people back from pursuing their fitness goals is their schedules. With so much on the calendar, it can seem impossible to prioritize time at the gym. With family, education, work, and even just having a social life, every person who tries to implement levels of health and fitness into their life will have the challenge of overcoming their calendar far before they hit the free weights at the gym. 

With the BlueTiger compact elliptical, you can enjoy the benefits of getting a great cardio workout while sitting anywhere! Take it with you to the office or keep it at home in front of your favorite chair in the living room, this incredible device really can fit into your life in almost any way. 

The BluTiger Reviews are in and they prove that customers who purchase this compact elliptical are more than satisfied with its performance and benefits. Here are some of our top reasons why buying a BluTiger compact elliptical should be at the top of your shopping list during his holiday season! 

Truly is Compact

This device measures 20 and 3/8 -inches X 12 ¾ -inches and weighs only 14 pounds! That makes it the perfect size to fit under almost any surface you regularly sit at. Maybe that looks like the kitchen table or even the vanity in your room. 

What’s more, is that this gift is a perfect size to buy for the elderly in your life as it’s super lightweight and easy to move from room to room. With a carry handle specifically designed for easy maneuverability, you can effortlessly take the BluTiger wherever you want!

8 Different Levels of Magnetic Resistance

Train up to your best self with the BluTiger compact elliptical as it comes with eight different resistance settings. This means that you can work out with a goal and gradually experience yourself getting stronger as you master all eight of the magnetic resistance levels. 

Helps to Improve Circulation and Mobility

This device is perfect for anyone who is looking to increase their circulation and improve their mobility. The BlueTiger compact elliptical will not only help you burn calories and tone muscle but works hard to help keep you limber and increase your circulation! This is a great gift for a loved one who is seeking to improve these areas of their life but can’t fully commit to an entire gym experience. 

All it Takes is 2 AA Batteries

Powering up the BluTiger is as easy as using it. Just pop in two AA batteries and you’re ready to start experiencing all the benefits of this incredible device. Keep track of your progress with the convenient built-in display and turn your sitting time into challenge time! 

A Wonderful Gift For the Holidays

With incredible, low impact cardio that’s easy on the knees and great for your overall health, the BluTiger compact elliptical is a wonderful gift for any of your loved ones or friends. So don’t pass up the opportunity to give the gift of a BluTiger this holiday season!