Give Spring A Warm Welcome With 18 Flowery DIY Wreaths

It’s spring people. I love this period of the year. I know that summer is coming after that and I’m even happier for that.

I always imagine spring like something beautiful. The trees look stunning. Everything is green. All people are outside. Mothers are walking with their babies in the park.

What’s there not to like?

Don’t forget your house. I love decorating and every occasion needs to have a different decorating model. People decorate their houses only for Christmass and New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and Easter.

I tend to decorate it a couple of times more during the year.

Now, I wanted to welcome Spring with a colorful explosion. Mixed colors are the trademark for this period. So, I found something you and your friends will definitely like.

You don’t need to stop here. These decorating ideas are here to wake your imagination up and make you do something completely different.

Feel free to use the same or come up with something more interesting.

1. Purplicious Wreath


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2. Cool Wreath From Fabric Scraps

Cool Wreath From Fabric Scraps

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3. Simple Spring Wreath


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4. Paper Dahlia

Paper Dahlia

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5. Glowssoms


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6. Succulent Spring Wreath


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7. A Wreath of Flowers

A Wreath of Flowers

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8. Pretty Floral Spring Wreath


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9. Tulips And Hydrangeas Wreath


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10. Burlap Wreath

Burlap Wreath

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11. Polka Dot Spring Wreath Tutorial

Polka Dot Spring Wreath Tutorial

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12. Umbrella Floral Door Decor

Spring Forward

Tutorial via

13. Garden Hose Wreath


Tutorial via

14. Moss Monogram Spring Wreath


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15. Paper Flower Wreath


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16. Rainbow Wreath


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17. Easy Magnolia Wreath


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18. Make A $344 Flower Wreath For $15


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If you came up with a different decorative item, don’t forget to take a picture of it and share it with us.

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