Give New Life To Old Dusty Books With These 21 Creative DIY’s

Books are the best friends of all people. Have you ever tried to settle yourself down with a good book?

To be honest, I’m tired of seeing people posting pictures on Instagram how they “read books” while on the beach. I know that’s only 10 days out of 365 when they read. Respect for the exceptions, of course.

Anyway, I have so many books at my home that my library and office space are almost full. I have to find something interesting where I can put all of my books.

And I’m not stopping buying books anytime soon.

So, what I’ve found here is exactly what I need. It will serve you right if you are dealing with the same problem as me.

These interesting ideas will transform your old books into something beautiful. That’s how you will keep your books close to you whatever you do.

I’m not sure for some of these that will probably destroy the books, but there are some other we could all use.

They are worth seeing!

1. Book Card Holder


Tutorial via

2. Book Clock


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3. Paper Vase

papiervase diy (9 von 1)

Tutorial via

4. Book Coat Rack


Tutorial via

5. Cell Charging Station


Tutorial via

6. Faux Book Desk Organizer


Tutorial via

7. Succulent Book Planter


Tutorial via

8. Stacked Books Table Lamp


Tutorial via

9. Book Balls


Tutorial via

10. Book Pages Artwork Idea


Tutorial via

11. End Table From Old Books


Tutorial via

12. Book Safe


Tutorial via

13. Book Letters


Tutorial via

14. Phone Book Pen Organizer


Tutorial via

15. Book Clutch


Tutorial via

16. Mail Holder


Tutorial via

17. Invisible Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelf

Tutorial via

18. Book Lamp


Tutorial via

19.  Book Headboard


Tutorial via

20. Floral Book Arrangement


Tutorial via

21. Floating Book Wall


Tutorial via

Those shelves made from books look pretty neat! What’s your favorite idea?

Or maybe you have some trick up in your sleeve that you would want to share with us?

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